Mangoes of 60 Million Dollars Worth Exported By Pakistan

mangos Export
mangos Export
mangos Export

KARACHI: A shipment of 165,000 tonnes of mango worth $60 million was accomplished this season as contrasted to 118,000 tonnes last year, valuing $38 million, described.

All-Pakistan crop and Vegetable Exporters, Importer and Merchants Association head person Waheed Ahmed said mango export got progressing with restricted amounts to Japan pursued by trial shipment to Australia.

He said problems appeared in sending mango shipment this year as the UK turned down mango consignment from Pakistan while big trade goods opportunities were furthermore lost in Japan and US.

In a declaration, he said value associated matters also cropped up at Dubai market, initating gigantic losses to exporters during June. Waheed Ahmed said exporters lost Iranian market of 30,000 tonnes causing decrease of $10 million this season.

However, gigantic demand of mango reached during Ramazan in markets, like Saudi Arabia, Middle East, UAE, Afghanistan and Central Asia which fetched better prices as compared to last year, he said.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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