Dollar Notes Shortage, Action Taken By Finance Ministry Of Pakistan

Dollar Notes Shortage In Pakistan
SBP Dollar Shortage
SBP Dollar Shortage

Shortage of Dollar Notes In Exchange Market

The Senator and Finance Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Ishaq Dar, took a serious notice of shortage of dollar notes with all exchange companies and running banks.

The Senator and Finance Minister of Pakistan issued orders to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to ensure that the proper supplies of notes are made available in the market immediately said a press statement is issued by the Ministry of Finance.

It also said that the pressure on the exchange rate, the higher premium between inter-bank and open markets is contains a major reason that is the shortage of dollar notes. The relevant authorities are failed to make timely arrangements of imports.

The State Bank of Pakistan has assured the Finance Minister of Pakistan that there will be no shortage of dollar notes in the Kerb market, henceforth, the statement added.

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