Imran Khan angry on PML-N over Petrol and Electricity prices

Imran Khan on petrol prices

Imran Khan on petrol prices

PTI, Imran Khan condemning the newest price blasting device” has said that the latest increase in electrical energy and fuel prices is yet another step in the anti poor & anti-middle class principles of the PML N government.
In a powerful worded disapproval declaration Imran Khan said the electrical energy price hike is an unprecedented boost in price not ever before seen in Pakistan with the middle class buyer has been strike the hardest In some situations the bills of middle class consumers will more then twice as a result of this brutal price hike. prices boost up consectively, is illeagel for a common man because it is not just making the people pay for the cost of electricity but furthermore the cost of corruption and incompetence Therefore these newest increase in electricity and fuel prices is yet another step in the anti poor & anti-middle class steps of the PML N government”.
Khan khan also noticed in the allowance in which GST and other digressive taxes were expanded along with the preceding around of oil and electricity cost rises, the compelled devaluation of the rupee and the unprecedented note publishing in the first 3 months of this government.
Khan asserted that instead of breaking down on power theft, retrieving the accounts of defaulters, increasing the levy net by retrieving amounts owing from levy evaders and taking assesses to make use of the altered international regulations to retrieve the illegitimate riches stashed abroad by Pakistanis, the government just holds on taking one anti-people measure after another to make the lives of the people of Pakistan sad.
he and his party members demands that this criminal and unethical boost in electrical energy prices is reversed with direct effect.
Khan also inquired why the government is not arranged to slash its lavish
way of life, huge manors and frivolous expenditures?
Khan announced that PTI declines these cost hikes and will dispute in the Assemblies and over the homeland. The government has become anti-people and has betrayed the mandate granted to it by the Pakistani nation.

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