Pakistan Government Announces 3G Technology Auction

3G-Auction pakistan
3G-Auction pakistan
3G-Auction pakistan


After much hold up, Pakistan has arranged its principle directive for the much awaited auction of 3G permits in the country.
Minister of State for data Technology Anusha Rehman today said the four wireless telephone companies in the country had shown interest in the auction.
She supplemented the principle directive would be accepted by the government Cabinet Advisory Committee tomorrow.
On September 28, while hearing the petition searching the culmination of the 3G permit auction process and the designation of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chairman and constituents, the Supreme Court directed the government to expedite the auction process.
Pakistan’s cash-strapped government had pledged to deal 3G mobile phone licences to raise revenue, match regional competitors and propel prosperity. although, the process has been hit by hold ups since the cabinet has to first appoint constituents to constitute the PTA.
Even Afghanistan with a lower finances and more fragile state has the technology.
India too has 3G expertise and there is now talk of inserting 4G.
According to reports, a development in broadband penetration is anticipated to lead to 1.3 per cent growth in whole household product (GDP) of Pakistan.
There is a growing demand for smartphones in Pakistan and the four telecom businesses functioning here glimpse 3G as a gigantic market.
Mobile telephone subscribers in the homeland have traversed the 120-million mark and internet users have come to 30 million.
The companies earned from VAS (data) services, of this, approximately 12-13 per cent came from GPRS/EDGE (mobile internet)and the demand is set to boost in the approaching days.

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