CDA Take actions against illegal slums in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) ne illegal kachi abadio ko girane ka kam shuru kar dia.

muzahirin aur police  ke tasadum ke bad ye bat tee ki gai ke un ke gharo ko age muntaqil ker diaa jaye gaa, lekin pehle wo ye jagha bager kisi larai jhagre ke khali ker de,police ar muzahirin ki apas ki jharap me ab tak 7 police wale zakhami ho chuke hen jinhe hospital me muntaqil ker kee kachi abadyo ko girane ka amal tezi se jari he.


CDA ko abadya girane me bohat mushkil pesh arahi he kun ke muzahir kisi surat me apne ghar chorne ko tayar nahi he ,, kachi abadi jise Afghan basti ke nam se pukara jata he is main 800 makanat the jinhe girane ka amal jari he , CDA ka kehana he ke ye jagha 2005 me illegal occupied ki gai thi jab ke ye pehle hi razed ki ja chuki thi.


jumerat ko CDA police ke hamrah heavy machinary bulldozars,crazens etc, le ker aiii jin ki madad se gharo ko girane ka amal jari rakha gaya, muzahirin ke shadeed rad-e-amal ki wajah se police ki bhari nafri tainat ki gai aur logo ko muntashir kerne ke liye ansoo  gas ki shelling aur water tank ka istemal kiya gaya.


Aj police me 66 rehaish paziro ko insadad-e- dehshat gardi ki adalat main pesh kiya gaya jinhe adalat ne  4 august tak  remand per police ke hawale ker dia.CDA action

Dehshat gardo ke pas ab bachane ka koi rasta nah, IGFC.

QUETTA: Inspector-General Frontier Corps Maj-Gen Sher Afgan Ne aj ye kaha he ke india Pakistan me dehshat gardi balochistan ke raste se ker raha he India sarhadi rasto ke tawasul se dehshat gardo ko Aslah ar dusre hathyar faraham ker raha he.


General Frontier corps Major-Gen Sher Afghan ka kehna tha ke india balochistan ke sarhadi ilaqo se  esi harkate ker raha he jise sakhti se roka ja raha he.

tribal elders  Noushki me khatab karte howe Maj-Gen Sher Afghan ne ye bhi kaha ke dehshat gardo ke pas ab bachane ka koi b rasta nahi he Un ka ye bhi kehana tha ke jo koi bhi apne hathyar hamare hawale ker de ge aur dehshat gardo ko pakarne main hamari madad karen gen  IGFC

un ko mukamal tor par maff kar dia jaye ga, inspector general Fc ne kaha he ke dehshat gard apni buzdilana karwayo se pakistani qom ke hosale past nahi kar sakte, Un ka kehana tha ke ye larai sirf army ki hi nahi he balke ye larai puri kom ki larai he aur puri qom ki is me jeet he, General Sher Afghan ka ye bhi kehana tha ke pakistan ka sahi mustakqbil pur aman Balcohistan ki zamanat he.


IGFC ne hal hi main Noushki, Dalbandin aur Taftan, ka dora kiya jahan wo inaugurated a hotel me ruke.

3 mulzimo ko kot lakhpat jail main phansi de di gai.



LAHORE: 3 Kedio ko aj subho kot lakhpat jail main phansi de di gai.

Jail khukam ke mutabiq aj subho sawere 2 mulzim jo ke aghwa bara-e-tawan ar 1 chote bache ke qatal me mulawis the unhe Tahte per latka dia gaya unhe 1998 me saza-e-mot ki saza sunai gai thi

jub ke tisra mulzam Riaz yousuf jo ke town ship ka rehaishi tha use insdad-e-dehshat gardi ki adalat ne saza sunai thi adalat ne use 2 logo ke qatal jo shalimar police station ki hadood main huwe the wo ilzam sabit hone per saza-e-mot sunai thi


in 3 mulzimo ke death warrant issue tab huwe jab adalat se in ki plea reject ker di gai thi.

Blast outside a mosque in Karachi, two people dead while several injured

karachi: bomb blast near Makki Masjid

A bomb blast outside a mosque in Karachi at least two people dead and several wounded. A powerful bomb explosion took place outside a major mosque in the city on Friday
According to police, blast happened when two motorcycles stuck together. Jinnah Hospital officials said two people were killed in the blast.
Blast outside a mosque

Karachi police AIG Abdul Qadir Thebo told the media that it does not seem like a suicide explosion and explosion was placed in a motorcycle. Ghulam Qadir Thebo The explosion killed two motorcyclists. He said that Chinese motorcycle used in the blast and had fake number plates fitted.

Karachi police chief explained that the attacker’s target was something other it was not a mosque or plaza He said that there is security forces operation in north area of karachi, this blast can be reaction of them.

Pervaiz Rasheed: We are ready to talk with PTI either inside or outside the parliament

Government ready to talk with PTI over election issue

Pakistan’s federal government on Wednesday welcomed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan to dialog over his dissension over election results and rigging.

Pervaiz rasheed said while conversing with a private TV channel

He is ready to hold a dialog with PTI either inside or outside the parliament. “Is there ever an issue that can’t be tackled?” he asked.

Government Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rasheed guaranteed to address PTI’s leadership, including that the atmosphere of clash and confrontation can influence the operation Zarb-e-Azb against terrorists.

government ready to talk with pti

He said he’s ready to address Khan’s complaints, government wants to solve the issues through dialog. Government Minister said that this is a vital period of the history and that the message of division should not go to open. He said this isn’t a military dictatorship, including that the nation appreciates civilian government.

Rasheed said the end of terrorism is just conceivable through unity. “We all should back the armed force by being united,”. Pervaiz Rasheed Information minister said that even though the politics of protests is part of democracy, time is not positive for it. He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif constantly discussed dialog and is prepared for it once more.

Pakistan Protection Bill 2014 approved in the National Assembly of Pakistan

Pakistan Protection Bill 2014

Pakistan’s National Assembly has approved a controversial Pakistan Protection bill 2014 for counter-terrorism in Pakistan. This bill will take effect for two years.

Roles of armed and civilian forces are clarified in the amended bill for preventing the criminal activities in the country. According to the bill, police officer of rank 15 will be authorized to order shoot at sight but after giving warning to the assailant. In addition, mobile phone connections will also be presented as evidence.

Pakistan Protection Bill 2014

Crimes Ordinance has been scheduled for several crimes including arson, bombing, killing members of the Department of Health, attack, defense and communication facilities etc.

Types of accused in the amendment bill

According to amendment bill there will be three type of accused. They are a foreigner; they will be dealt with in another way. Other Pakistani terrorists, while the third will be the common man.

The bill increased the punishment in scheduled offences from 10 years to 20 years, whereas, any person will be given on remand period till 60 days.

Suspicious person can have in prison for 60 days, while courts needed to monitor their detention shall have the right. In addition, law enforcement agencies will be able to search without warrant any shady spot.

The upper house of Parliament, the Senate has already approved this bill with some amendments.

Opposition parties in the Senate in the past opposed the (PPO) bill and the government faces failure many times due to low majority.

Nawaz sharif: Domestic and foreign terrorists would end discriminatory

Nawaz Sharif statement about Zarb-e-Azb

Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that the operations of Pak army “Zarb-e-Azb” against terrorist will continue until the end of domestic and foreign terrorist.

Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that in North Waziristan Zarb-e-Azb decided after considering every aspect and now it has started operations with full force.He said that Pakistan army will not let the terrorists no place to rest in North Waziristan, he also said that Pakistan’s tribal areas in the state will set up its full compliance.

Prime Minister of Pakistan said that after the successful completion of Operation Zarb-e- azb new era of development in tribal areas will start.


ISPR statement about operation

Earlier Monday, the Pakistani military Inter Services Public Relations Department (ISPR) said in a statement that from Mir Ali in North Waziristan after the evacuation of civilians and military ground offensive began.

The special forces of army done search operation in Miran Shah and during ground offensive operation 15 militants killed three soldiers were wounded in the shootout. The statement added that during operation military had discovered mines and IED factory.

According to ISPR, began operation on June 15 Zarb-e-azb 376 militants have been killed so far, while 19 have surrendered, and 17 soldiers were martyred in the operation. The army statement said 61 suspected hideouts of militants in the operation of Zarb-e-azb been destroyed.

Imran Khan’s one-month ultimatum to government of Nawaz Sharif

PTI Ultimatum to PML(N)

Bahawalpur: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan gave one month ultimatum to the government of Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) to fulfill his party’s demands else he will lead a long march in Islamabad on fourteenth of August 2014.

He announced his four demands in his Rally at Bahawalpur and cautioned of a sunami march towards Islamabad on August 14, if these demands were not fulfilled.

PTI’s first demand was to expand that who arranged the victory speech on May 11 at 11: 20 pm, when the votes were still counting. His party’s second demand was to clarify why were the returning officers not under the Elections Commission of Pakistan.

Third and fourth demands of the PTI Chairman were illuminating of the part of caretaker government throughout election and clarification with respect to changing of returning officers in 90 supporters of the country at the eleventh hour, and upon whose request.

Tahir ul Qadri willingly come, now they will leave Pakistan by the Permission of Law

Federal minister of information Pervaiz Rashid said about Tahir ul Qadri

Pakistan’s Federal Information Minister Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said that Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri has willingly come in Pakistan, now they will return with the Permission of law.

He said on Monday there is no example found that how’s the Tapir’s bullies treated with Police in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Rawalpindi District Hospital on Tuesday after visiting the injured police officials talking to media said that the former military president Pervez Musharraf has return to Pakistan with his will and now he cannot go out because of his past legal yet he was not allowed to go out.

He said Monday that supporters of Qadri police violence shown on media and the people can decide better.

To a question whether the federal government wills complaint to the Canadian government for spread unrest in Pakistan by his civilian then he said that will consider the proposal.


Federal Information Minister said that Dr Tahir ul Qadri spread the unrest in the country wants to distract attention from the operation of North Waziristan, but they will be never successful. He said that the displaced people of North Waziristan are our guests and we will take care of them.

Qazi Faiz the secretary of Pakistan Awami Tehreek said:

The secretary Qazi Faiz of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, told that their leader Tahir is a Pakistani citizen and they go abroad whenever they want. He said that if the government tried to stop them to go abroad then for protect their rights, they will go to any extent.

Three bonuses declare for the employees of parliaments by Ishaq Dar

Bonuses for the parliament’s employees

Federal Finance Minister Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar has declared to give three-bonuses to the employees of the parliament regarding the budget session.

Ishaq Dar has announced that the predictions that Pakistan is going to default have been reached there end, adding that government will overcome the challenges facing by country.

Finance minister has announced three bonuses for the employees of the parliament and two bonuses for the employees of information ministry and sub-divisions, who performed duties during the budget session.he announced this on saturday.

Ishaq Dar said that the government will overcome the economic challenges facing by country, adding that the predictions that Pakistan is going to default have proved wrong.