Militants did not attack Karachi airport said by interior Minister of Pakistan

Interior minister chaudhry Nisar statement on karachi airport attack

ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said militant didn’t attack Jinnah International Airport on Sunday; actually they struck a range, which was 2km far from Airport.

He describes this in National Assembly about the investigations of Karachi airport assault conducted on last Sunday night, Nisar said terrorists wanted to harm planes and kidnap travelers. He said terrorists were separated into two groups and entered the premises through diverse entryways of old terminal.

Our effective security forces caught all terrorist inside fifteen minutes, said by Nisar. Interior Minister said that in the wake of battling for just about two hours, security strengths killed ten terrorist. The assailants had most advanced weapons and likewise a rocket launcher.

chaudhry nisar statement on karachi attack

Chaudhry Nisar said that we are investigating this incident from each conceivable edge. The assailants did not look local and we will direct DNA test and bio metric for their recognizable proof.

Intensely equipped activists propelled a strike on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi on late Sunday night, leaving no less than 37 dead incorporating 10 aggressors in a six-hour attack that the armed force subdued.

Remember that heavily equipped terrorist attack Sunday night on Pakistan’s busiest airport in Karachi there are at least 26 persons dead included 10 terrorist.

Geo news license has been suspended by PEMRA for 15 days, Impose one crore PKR fine

PEMRA suspended Geo TV licence for 15 days

ISLAMABAD: On Friday Pakistan Electronic Media regulatory authority (PEMRA) has suspended the license of country’s largest private television channel Geo News for 15 days and also impose Fine of Rs One Crore on it.

The Decision was made on Friday in an official meeting of PEMERA’s board members which was headed by acting chairman of institute Pervez Rathore.

PEMRA Spokesperson saying

The Spokesperson Of PEMRA said that the decision was made due the complaint received against Geo by the Defiance Ministry.

Also at the meeting, chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Secretary and Honorary Secretary attended the meeting and members were invited to participate.

Chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Interior Secretary and Secretary Information look part in the meeting

Pemra suspended Geo licence for 15 day b

Defence Ministry was complaint against Geo

The complaint by Defence Ministry was discussed in the meeting and after consultation, it was decided to suspend the license for 15 days and impose a fine of Rs one crore.

PEMRA will continue the suspension if the news channel failed to pay the fine.

Remember that Defence Ministry filed a complaint against Geo news, Tv channel targeting Pakistan Intelligence agency’s head Lieutenant-General Zaheer-ul-Islam in his broadcast for eight hours after attack on Geo journalist Hamid Mir.

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Ahmed Shehzad gets solid Nominee of T20 captaincy

Ahmed Shehzad A solid candidate for pakistan cricket team captaincy

Pakistan cricket team opener batsman Ahmed Shehzad has turned into a solid candidate for Twenty20 captaincy in the wake of uprooting his colleague player Mohammad Hafeez. The name of Shahid Afridi has expelled from the race of captaincy in the wake of naming the head coach of Waqar Younis.

Shehzad is exceptionally liable to end up T20 captain however his forceful dialect style can make an issue for him.

Ahmed Shehzad candidate for captaincy

Nonetheless, the height of Ahmed who made his Test debut throughout Pakistan’s last series against Sri Lanka in the UAE in December/January in the wake of having made his international debut in April 2009. National opener has confronted numerous punishments in the past because of his forceful disposition.

Sources additionally say that Shahid Afridi’s articulations at the airport upon come back from Bangladesh likewise kicked him out of PCB director Najam Sethi’s great books. Now see what happening and we wish best of luck for team Pakistan.

Export trader carrying gold bricks in his belly

Gold bricks in belly of a trader

In Delhi, the capital of India, according to a doctor about a businessman, bricks of gold were found for his belly. 63-year-old businessman in the field getting vomiting and complaining of pain and was admitted to the hospital.

A trader said the doctor after he ends his angry wife and was swallowed bottle caps. But when the doctors done their operation from their stomach Bottle Cap instead they nearly got four hundred grams of gold. Doctors which done operation told that police and customs authorities and traders asking some questions and have gold in their possession.
gold-bricks found from a trader's belly

Use of gold in the world, India is a country where most of the metal due to the increase in import tax recorded an increase in smuggling.

Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said a senior surgeon, Dr. C. S. Ram Chndran in his life he “did not see this type of case.”

He said, ‘This is the first time that I found gold form patient’s stomach. I remember one time I had a bladder stone weighing one kg of the found from a patient’s stomach. He said, ‘It was the need to give a three-hour operation. He was an elderly patient and we had to take care. We found piles of peat 12 gold brick.
Last year, the Indian government for creating demand for gold decreasing import taxes tripled.

Cannibal brothers arrested in Bhakkar

Carrion eater arrested in Bhakkar

Bhakkar: Police on Tuesday captured a second man associated alongside his brother of eating a human baby flesh, whose head was found at their home.

According to police, the two brothers aged between 35 and 40 years about their relatives in the area and expressed doubt that he was the men from their graves’ having a dose, which after one o’clock Monday afternoon at his home was raided and a brother whose name is Arif was taken into custody.


The pair had been captured for eating human bodies in the same town in 2011 and served two years in jail in a case that stunned Pakistan. Arif has told police that Ali stole the assortment of the two-day-old child from a cemetery in Darya Khan town, around 300 kilometers (180 miles) south of Islamabad, before they cooked and eat it.

Ameer Abdullah, police head of Bhakkar locale where the town is placed, said that Ali was kept on Tuesday and his brother had been brought to court for a remand hearing. There is no particular offense of human flesh consumption in Pakistani law, so Abdullah said they had been charged under hostile to terrorism laws and for befouling a human body.

In the 2011 case police discovered the dead body of a 24-year-old lady at the men’s house short a leg, which they had eaten. The suspects will experience psychiatric tests, Abdullah said.

Police said that the men’s wives and relatives had abandoned them a few years prior and both were lived the house in loneliness.

Fast bolar Muhammad Amir will play cricket soon say by Najam Sathi

Fast Bowler Mohammad Amir return soon

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi hoped that fast bowler Mohammad Amir will be able to play cricket very soon.

They have been convicted of spot-fixing fast bowler Mohammad Aamir said that he who raised the issue before the ICC to amend the law in June that a new committee to review the case Mohammad Amir Will. He hopes that Amir’s sentence reduced from five years to four years there will be.

The ICC meeting in Dubai after a press conference in Lahore, Pakistan, saying the ‘Big Three’ have consented to sign the plan, but the Pakistan Cricket several assurances were made which will benefit domestic cricket.

Next year Pakistan will nominate the candidate for ICC PresidentMohammad Amir

Sethi also said that next year will be named president of Pakistan ICC. He told reporters that the Big Three not to sign the plan, Pakistan was left alone, and to end this isolation was necessary to meet with everyone.

The tour of Britain in 2010, Pakistan’s three players Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt for spot-fixing charges were later sentenced to five-year ban.The sentences will end in 2015. Mohammad Aamer sentenced to a one-year low in June and has four years then he will be able to immediately play cricket.

He said on the sidelines of the ICC for the next eight years, Pakistan’s internal and external trips are for fixed income would be Rs 30 billion to Pakistan. He also visited India with a written agreement has been signed and is now awaiting approval of the Board.


Madonna is going to make his third movie

Famous singer Madonna is now going to give direction to his third movie, Madonna is preparing to direct his third film that author Rebecca Walker’s first novel, Eide: A Love Story ‘will be based on the story.

This novel tells the story of an American student who has been a beautiful island off the coast of Kenya suahyly a young Muslim is in love. The relationship of these two cultures and traditions, is entangled in densities.

medonna is going to make his third movie,c

Rebecca Walker wills co-producer of the film, Alice, daughter of the famous writer who famous novel ‘The Color Purple’ was forged.

As director of the first film directed by Madonna in 2008 were named ‘flth and Wisdom’ was. Madonna after her last film focused on his own music during which a number one album MDNA release, and was a major World Tour and in 2013 Forbes magazine named him the most income was Celebrity.

Bruce Cohen, who produced the film, including the ‘Silver lining up book ‘and’ American Beauty, was the producer.According to the Hollywood Reporter Madonna and her producers are looking for a screenwriter who could write this book based on the script.

Madonna’s last film as a director ‘V’ Britain’s King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, the American woman who had an affair based in the UK in 2011 was present. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film grossed around U.S. $ six million in the U.S. but in the UK, the film was not successful in the first ten films.55-year-old Madonna for the first time since 1999, which estimated that half of the income was $ 12 million.

Chines Company Alibaba is now going to sale out its shares In U.S

Chinas famous eCommerce company Alibaba is decide to sale out its share in U.S market, Company says that this procedure will make its company more global.

Specialists say that in 2012 after the arrival of Facebook stakes from an innovation organization to issue portions to the greatest event. A few specialists anticipated that Ali Baba will have the ability to market to fifteen billion dollars.

However, Alibaba has not yet indicated that the trade or when the organization will issue its imparts.It is normal that this will profit excessively in light of the fact that the U.s. organization Yahoo additionally possesses a substantial some piece of Alibaba and allotment value may climb.

Alibaba Chines ecommerce company b

The organization said in the proclamation that “This move will turn into a more worldwide organization and the organization will build the transparency is essential for our future”.

Ali Baba’s turn from being a period of two days prior, while an alternate Chinese organization Splendor which gives service like Twitter published that it will start five hundred million portions in the U.s. market.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange last September Alibaba endeavor to issue imparts after it is normal that the organization will issue its experience New York.

Ali Baba’s management structure control of the board of directors, senior officers, who violate the Hong Kong Exchange rules.
Alibaba is already the world’s biggest websites on the Internet sales for its 500 million users to 800 million items are for sale. However, the company is not known outside of China

Do you know the value of Peshawari chappal outside the Pakistan??

Pakistan frequently appear to debase their picture and everything connected to the Pakistani picture, if it be our customary shoes fabrics, accessories or anything other than connect to Pakistan tradition, Pakistan’s Peshawari chappal was embraced by one of the outside designer ” Paul Smith” looking to some extent like the traditional Peshawari chappal.

The fashioner sold the Peshawari chappal under another brand name Robert.Peshawari chappal b The most surprising truth is that while the Pakistani purchase this Peshawari chappl in around 6 or 7 US dollar however Paul smith deal it out in 300$, Pakistani’s were disfavored by such a demonstration in light of the fact that spot just the fashioner neglect to give the credit to shoes to the Pakistani unique, yet he was offering it at an incredible value that was triple the cost of the first Peshawari chappal.

In the company of feedback, Paul smith was force to change the shoes name and recognized its Pakistan origin, however he replay on this comment this is not the first occasion when that the Peshawari chappal has been embraced foreign designer.

Do you realize that Peshawari chappal is additionally exceptionally well known in France on account of its quality plan and comfort. India France a UK is the enormous business of Peshawari chappls.