I Owe Birth to my parents but life to my Teacher: By Bint e Arif

Role Of Teacher By Saira Arif
Role Of Teacher By Bint e Arif

 Role of teacher                                                               

Teachers are literally the orbiters of nation’s destiny. That’s why it can be rightly said that good teachers can make good schools .The quality of a good school can be judged only by the people who are responsible for its improvement. It can be rightly said that without teachers the most perfect syllabus remains dead

Teacher thus plays a vital role in the lives of his student. He keeps the lamp of civilization burning  .He helps them in their  mental construction ,moral sense and practical life .He tells them that the dignity of life lies in acting upon the social moral and Islamic values. In this case he tells the moral stories and gives them moral lectures. This fact cannot be rejected that students are the assets of any nation .if they are perfectly trained they can prove themselves useful for their nation.

But all this is Impossible without the guidance of a teacher .He imparts knowledge to them and make them wise  by his experience of judging the things in a suitable way. He makes them aware of rights and wrongs, virtues and vices, merits and demerits of life in all aspects of life.

Teacher is always a source of knowledge for his blooming flowers. it is a great reality that student’s mind is like plain land about which teacher is totally sure that it is purely fertile .Now it becomes the duty  of a good teacher ,who is also a experienced gardener  to plant  here such crops which are useful for his students. it can also be said that student is  just like  a blank paper where teacher has to print something  that should be appreciable for student and also for his teacher.

Pedagogue should always try to pour something great  in his pupil’s mind. Teacher is also unaware of the reality that his pupil is adopting and absorbing his bit and every action .The thought of teacher is entered in pupil’s mind silently as any idea is entered  in our mind silently and we are not aware of it .It is duty of a teacher to listen his student carefully either matter is crucial or not ,so that his student may adopt  the habit of listening .

This is not hyperbole but also a reality. In the end I would like to say that a teacher’s role cannot be described in words. The ALEXANDR has said a great thing about teachers.

I owe birth to my parents but life to my teacher.



















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