Orya Maqbool Jan latest Columns:Malala Aur Es Kay Promoter


Author: Ghu Hasa

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3 thoughts on “Orya Maqbool Jan latest Columns:Malala Aur Es Kay Promoter”

  1. i read the book online and what oria mj said is totally true in his colomn.i think his father his father has raised him a cristchian not a muslim.for example malala was asked by her mother while they were on shopping in bazaar for hiding her face ,people are looking at u,malala replied dont worry im looking at them too.in pushtoons culture this act is not welcomed.
    in other place where she was blamming mullana fazlulah one speech about earth quake in swat, that this earthquake is the warninig from Allah(now my comments on this i also hate so much this fazlulah
    that what he did in swat is so barbarian
    and far away from islam,but what he said about earthquake is the warning from Allah to the people is 100% true).
    my point is that malala asked her father is it true about earthquake is warning from Allah,her father replied its all rubbish.point is clear now he is denying quarani ayat and hadith.
    my question is what really has done malala that she has to honoured all over the non muslim contries?maybe the answer is in the question.thanks

  2. Assalamu alaikum.I am totally agree with Mr.oria maqbol Jan.he is not writing columns but in fact he is serving Islam.specially in columns about malala he has shown the reality that in future what malala & company (promoters) are going to do with “Islami” jamhoria PAKISTAN.we have to be careful and active.please don’t support people like malala.if some one is supporting malala,in fact he is supporting anti-islamic powers.may ALLAH help Muslims.aameen

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