Respected Atuthorities of Amnesty

Although your organization has superb sources of information about the world regarding the rapid spread of corruption which is more dangerous than the terrorism. Your organization’s opinion is admiringly based on reality about corruption and your zillious role in this regard is fairly remarkable. But i think about the awful corruption in Pakistan which is more extreme than the ranking you have given in the list on your website. Your survey for corruption in Pakistan may be very good but every survey in Pakistan can not get 100% results and could get 47% to 58% like the referendums in Pakistan. Referendums is the worst form of survey in which planning plays key role.

I am from the lower employees class from where i can see each and every time about corruption. Pakistan is the place where people love corruption by expressing hatred for it. Each and every thing is floating in the dark water of corruption. Religion, patriotism, politician, gamers, NGO’s, relation, passions, building, housed, each and every thik which have the signals relation with pakistan is corrupt. And most important is everyone is happily suffering from corruption, work worker, work performing sources even if planing and results regarding work are enjoying corruption here people love to robbers. so it think you survey is not enough to have any parameter to express the exact rate of corruption in Pakistan.

If you want determined another source to get information I am ready to give assistance without any interest. I cherish the sanguine hap that you and your representative would contact me through any source in order to check my potential. It should be remembered i don’t like to be contacted by any pakistani representative of Amnesty international or any asian.

your truly

shahzad arif


Author: Ghu Hasa

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