Satan’s Resignation (by shahzad arif)


Satan has resigned from the job as he is feeling himself jobless due to so many elements who are snatching his chair on which  he has been sitting for million of years without any competition and threat .Now he is feeling hell of competition from his own satanic characters who are taking over all those assignments which have been remain in the command of Satan for numberless centuries.Satan has stated his demise and illumination from the thrown of his own created satanic rule, is given below .It must be kept in mind that this resignation statement has been delivered in white house in the presence of Obama.

MY dear followers,

                                      Ever since i have started command  evil did not feel any competition from my any creation .I din not feel any risk from Faeroe of Egypt ,Nero from Room ,Chanagaiz and Halakoo khan,Raspotene,Hassan Bin Saba, General dire and all characters before the 21 century.But now i am feeling that my performance is decreasing as compare to my predecessors because having seen their performance it sounds as though they were Satan i were not  with the illusion of being seduced by them.

My dear followers ,i was not ashamed of myself ever as i was assigned by the destiny and fate for evil but i am astonished to see their deep relation more than that of me.Many characters have surprised me that a varied by  kind of evil can be happen by performances.

All American Presidents have surprised me because i am going crazy by knowing the method used to seduce them on the part of Jews.This secret tact is away from my mental approach which has been successfully employed by the Israel think tanks.O my Lord ! this is awesome !it has become more marvelous when i see the se deep effects upon the entire world.How a super power become a puppet of hands and turn in to a killing machine in the name of Crusade.Mischief of 9/11 is the Satanic master piece of all times even i do not know it is false or true.

When i felt myself a loser in USA,Europe,i replaced my headquarters to Iraq but when it invaded by America just because of jealousy to me  other wise there was nothing to invade.I changed my headquarters to Afghanistan which was put to the target of all kinds of attacks with the  excuse of Al-Quida, Usama and Taliban .I left Afghanistan and reached Pakistan where i could get some out put from many evil aspects but many of strong rivals were in the field of evil spreading and preaching with the pink of perfection.Here i lost all my spirits when i met with Altaf ,Mashraf ,Shauqat Aziz ,Zardari ,Rehman Malik , Veena Malik and many of others like them.I shocked to the back bone and came to know that Pakistan is too full of evil to pour even a drop .But i must say,i saw in Pakistan the most symbolic satanic activities such as drama of Malala ,NRO.bureaucracy  and leadership with the 100% corruption ,Electronic Media,terrorism and all blood sucking methods against the people for which, By God ! i am not responsible, were reach to the zenith.I visited India where Manmohan Singh gave me personal residence and institute in order to teach varied methods to Narinder Moodi and other politicians but when i heard about their brutal services against the Muslims ,drama of Mumbai attacks,tyranny in Kashmir and every where just for Muslims not for others,i became very happy but later had to feel frustration regarding my own performance.Here i did not feel  myself as a teacher but a pupil in front of Indian Hippocratic styles which were the best  enough to make this world fool.Here i met with the heart attack for the very first time in my life and after that i decided about the resignation seriously.

So i am resign from the job with this piece of advice”After my resignation ,my predecessor must be hailed from Israel,India,and America because in these countries  i found most of my competitors with the presence  of them i do not feel that the evil would miss me relating to the performance.Be aware if Muslims awake ever then call me on my emergency number i will come to the job by availing some extension.    In the end i really thankful to White house and its allies for giving me hell of rest in hell and i would love to wait for them there.

Good Luck to all .

Yours Truly

The Satan

PO box number 420 fire road ,deep black cave ,Hell

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