The Devil’s Interview By Aflatoon


Our Columnist Mr. Aflatoon, On the behalf of, met with Devil at Bermuda Triangle where he was transported by the Devil’s personal jet plain with complete protocol as a journalist. At that time the Devil was is the grand meeting on Pakistani affairs where many renown politician were invited. All famous postilions of Pakistan, Representatives of electronic media of Pakistan including GEO, ARY, Dunya, Express, World Media BBC, CNN, New York  Time, Wall Street General and Indian Media Esp. Were there with their prospectus sports. It sound as though Devil had called up world press conference but internally it was the annual meeting of all satanic embodiments in order to examine the performance. Obama was especially invited there as he had to brief honorably chairman ,the Devil, about each and every thing relating to Pakistan. even IMF world bank UNO and all management of white house were there so as to reply tho possible question of Devil about their zeal in Pakistan. Black Water had been holding the security arrangements due to terrorist threats on the part of AL-Qaida which was just a dramatic imagination but was shown as real under the instructions of CIA. Malala along with his father were also there because it was heard  in gossips that Malala would have another prize from Mr. Devil for performing the role in Pakistan and later publishing a book by fallowing the Devil SOP about Malala puppet show. In meeting Devil was given briefing by us president Obama who had to read a report of hundred pages. During long briefing he was allowed to drink the fresh blood of Muslims so as to  be refresh himself during the long briefing. Everyone was served fresh Muslim blood to drink even Muslim flash and bones were there to eat. Except Mr Aflatoon with the excuse of fast, every one enjoyed the feast passionately . Dollar biscuits with the sponsor of IMF and world bank was served in tea time which were scrumptious and was filled in the bags by each and every one because on some mild conditions of IMF and world bank all dollar could be deposited in Swiss bank. During the briefing Devil has been laughing and admiring all invitees being in devils side excluding Aflatoon who was invited by mistake.

Having finished the meeting related to all diabolic programs, all invites gather in a dinner. Due to fast Mr Aflatoon again apologized to have any thing. Even Devil threatens him by provoking his own wife against him at a moment but aflatoon did not do so and express the desire to have an interview with the presence of no diabolic spirit. Devil with little hesitation expresses his willingness in the basement of his headquarter.

Aflatoon started interview with the founder of evil notwithstanding being created by Almighty for fate to eternity.

Aflatoon:- Hello  Mr. Devil, how are you?

Devil:- Hello Mr. Aflatoon, I am fine and feeling relax by observing the performance of my all diabolic incarnations.

Aflatoon:- First of all, could you tell me the reason for inviting me by knowing this fact that i am hostile to your party?

Devil:- Infect you are from media and have a satanic name so my personal secretory Hillary Clinton by mistake sent you the invitation.

Aflatoon:- Don’t you think your meeting and your invitees might be exposed by me through media?

Devil:- (Laughs loudly) I don’t feel any harm of  your presence in my secret meeting i think you can do nothing against me  and all invitees of my meeting on media. Didn’t you see in the meeting all media is in my command and control and all ears for listening realities are deaf and duff even your all governing bodies are my slaves through America who recite Allah daily but act upon my instructions in each and every moment. In the presence of my diabolic representatives ,you will be proved like a fly in the milk  who  was thrown out in the twinkling of an eye in a careless way.

Aflatoon: Why did you select media as your key weapon?

Devil: Science has not only facilitated you but also it facilitated me. At that time when i had to go door to door by whispering in every ear individually, used to feel tiredness but now Media has made my work much more easier than before. I dominated media and media dominated the minds of listening souls, so i could get 99% results from Media. I finished truth from the Media and introduced commercialism and competition among the channels and news agencies who dressed lie as truth and went on following my ways.

Aflatoon: Observing the cursed face of Devil, asked, do you add any more regarding Media?

Devil: Of-course, Media is the most favorable diabolic voice which can cast magic upon every one and can easily seduce to snatch the right path. I assigned Malala’s father to create an issue against the imaginary sketch against Talinban which would go against the image of Pakistan and Islam later. For promoting this evil drama media performed his best role and used the innocent face of Malala in a colorful way. All media knows about this drama but common mass is unaware who has to speak on Malala by using the Media sources in a blind way. If some one knows like you about the evil programme Malala, can do nothing in this regard as people would never believe him.

I spread propaganda against Iraq, than against Afghanistan regarding the terrorist activities on the part of Taliban, and now against Pakistan by getting all desired results of destruction and calamity. Where is your civilization? Where is your real Islam on media? Where is justice? Where is all moralities and disciplines? I removed them all with the media support and you can do nothing despite knowing well that all media of world is directly following the few’s commands and indirectly following my own. And you Mr. Aflatoon listen carefully, Electronic media is my magic stick, with the little movement of this stick I can create a war in the name of crusade, can destroy the peace of the world, can spoil morality, can eat up the civilizations, can promote each and every thing which can help me to spread evil every corner of the world. even in your news casters, your intellectuals, your leader and politicians, all is working in my favor consciously or unconsciously by fallowing their own desires.

Aflatoon:- Do you think our(yours) media is making people fool by throwing dust in their eyes in order to make money?

Devil:- I would love to say, yes! world ignores Burma for killing many Muslims in a brulas way. World has also turned as deafer to Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine and Kashmir where each and every right of Muslims have been dismissed in an unjust way. what do you think about the drone attack in your country which loudly announcing the will media express in hollow way by fulfilling the for modalities because your rulers desire even like this.I am taking fun interest in Pakistan by using media. What about India? whole world knows is doing each and every thing against you, India is involved in Baluchistan ad Karachi with the similarity who used in Bangladesh in 1972. India stooped water which ruminated thousands of valley in spite of every thing done by India, media is campaigning for friendship in the name of Arman ash, sponsor by U.S Aid. You and your media know every thing but do nothing in this regard because I am the commander of evil which is fully occupied media.

Aflatoon: What bout America?
Devil: (Laughs again) America is in my special commander and I myself guiding him to terminate the world in the name of “War Against Terror”. America, Britain, Israel and India are my favorite countries who are having my own diabolic governing structures. George Bush, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and now Obama used to work under my kind control. Even in Taliban, Many are working for me in the shape of TTP but being controlled By Black Water. Pakistani and Indian leaders are fully focused by the Lucifer who specially destined for South Asia.
Aflatoon: What About Religious Disputes In Pakistan?
Devil: Sorry I Cant disclose my diabolic conspiracies in this regard because this is my most Important Satanic Weapon which i have been using from centuries as the most successful method but I must say that this is my nuclear weapon for the destruction of Muslims and it is as lethal as I could not imagine either. All kinds of religious conflicts and disputes ”Firqa Wariat” giving me remarkable results.
Aflatoon: What thing makes you afraid of?
Devil: Unity is always be my worst enemy , especially Unity in Thoughts. I am getting benefits from different school of thoughts which are providing me the way to destruct humanity and Islam as well. If Muslims get united, I will vanquished but its impossible within the current scenario in which every one is fight for his own self in the name of shia Sunni conflicts despite of jehad which is prescribed by Islam i know, I’m talking about my major weakness but you Muslims can never be united and will suffer from dispute in the name of religion.
Aflatoon: what is remarkable activity in youngsters which amuses you a lot?
Devil: Mobile phone usage in youngsters is really amusing me. Each and every one looks busy on his mobile phone. exclusively the way teenagers use the phone for chatting and talking on late night packages by promoting mobile sex. I’m surprised to see the young girls and boys falling in so-called love and producing the hazardous results in my favor. Greed, cheat, deceit, lust and many more sinful happenings due to mobile phone making me proud for my technical performance.
Aflatoon: what about the present attitude of students in colleges and universities. Do you think that evil incarnation is playing its role with best results?
Devil: look Mr. Aflatoon, you are trying to expose my aims but I’m neither worried nor afraid of revealing my secrets because I’ve observed the addicted male and female students in the colleges and universities. I’ve filled liberalism and if the person like you tries to condemn, he will be called narrow minded and conservative, also will be a target of criticism. Dance parties, drugs gatherings, love affairs, each and everything is going in my favour. the usage of drugs like chars, ganja, opium, white sugar, brown sugar and lot of others are a norm into female and male students. who are spoiling every thing in the smoke which will bring  a dark future and then my followers will be increased. I am promoting Hell combine tours of remote areas because every sin is possible away from the eyes of parents.
Aflatoon: What kind of sins you were promoted in Pakistan?
Devil: My innocent aflatoon! I did not introduce any Sin, i just drive the women out of the home and enhance the greed for money which made your country a land of corruption. Results are in front of you my dear, there is no justice in courts and in police station, Doctors, Advocates Transporters, Military,Public servants, bureaucracy, Politicians, leaders, each and every one is behind the money in order to fulfill all desires. From the president to a peon no one is honest in your country. Do you think you are running this country ? NO! the force behind it I know better than you.
Aflatoon: Who is dangerous for you?
Devil: (Laughs again) No one, because in the name of religion, religious scholars are distributing you in many cults and so-called peer are robbing the common man by giving them colorful dreams of paradise. Fake peer are defaming the Sufi-ism, in spite of knowing this fact people are following them. Darwaish who is the real re-presenter of Sufi-ism has been pushed to the corner in ridiculous way which is quite encouraging for me.
My dear enemy Mr. Aflatoon you can do nothing against me. Notwithstanding you know every thing about my activities, many people know about my aims and activities but they restrict themselves to pray rather than taking some serious step against me. You even don’t know where is Allah almighty. You explore his in Masjid, Imam Bargah and Shrines but there is no Allah. Allah lives in hearts which are broken in a brutal way. No scholar, peer, Mullah can give you Allah but a common man can introduce with Almighty. who is not away from a man but as close as can never be imagined. I am just afraid of that moment when people could find Allah at the right places by getting rid of all biases and differences.
Aflatoon: Do you think God is one?
Devil: I know very well there is No God except Allah.
Aflatoon: Why are you stopping people from recognizing this fact in which even you believe too?
Devil? I just wanna prove that human creation and superiority upon all creations is unjust and i was superior one of all creations so i seduce human to adopt wrong ways and prove their creation as wrong as i thought in past and got punished.
Aflatoon: Mr. Devil do you believe Islam is the ideal religion?
Devil: Yes, but  in the hands of ideal command as compare to the command in past in golden age of Islam.
Aflatoon: Your last message for us.?
Devil: I am the gentleman and never go there, where I am not welcome. Having heard this last message Aflatoon recites Kalma which surprises Devil by vanishing suddenly.

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