Uncle Saam and Chaila Ram (By Shahzad Arif)

Uncle Saam and Chaila Ram
Uncle Saam and Chaila Ram
Uncle Saam and Chaila Ram

Uncle Saam‘s role in south Asia with split and Hippocratic manners and canons is the reality show which is earning status not only for him but also for his goons Israel and Chaila Ram (India).uncle Saam creates every drama on the stage of south asia and particularly on Pakistan territory with the cooperation of both Israel and Chaila Ram. Jews are producers and financers in the back ground. Uncle Saam can not see the anticipating fear of Jews for future and the wet dhoti of Chaila Ram. Israel fears Islamic metabolic turmoil which can be a revolution any time with the result of demise of Israel who is not leaving no stone unturned by producing international dramas against the Muslim world such as drama of international fame, attack on world trade centre and pentagon’s buildings which is commonly called 9/11, a notorious conspiracy against the Muslims in a planed and programmed way which is the meanest and cheapest activity one the part of Jews and America also. Attack on Iraq .Afghanistan and drones on Pakistan are historically violent and brutal activities on the part of Jews’ back ground character for which they have De facto fame since the age of Prophet Moses.


In the matter of Pakistan.

Holy wood (Uncle Saam) and boly wood (Chaila Ram) with there producer (Israel) is teaming up together. Chaila Ram is fulfilling the animosity with Pakistan with the support of Uncle Saam whose every act is the will of Israel. Chaila Ram knows when Uncle Saam and his allies’ leave the Afghanistan then those Mujahedeen who are engage in jihad against the Allies would turn their attention to the Jihad of Kashmir and Palestine so he is creating hell of turmoil in Baluchistan by supplying weapon and money through his secret agency R.A.W, and in this exercise CIA, MI6.Khad, and Mosad are providing each and every thing which can be the reason of Baluchistan fall’s.

Chaila Ram is missing no chance to harm the peace, civilization; economy in Pakistan. Chila ram has snatched our rivers in a shameless and illegal way .He has used all mean and cheap tactics against Pakistan with the support of Uncle Saam and Israel as well. Attack on Srilankan cricket team, water issues, turmoil in Waziristan, Baluchistan, and in plight of Karachi, Chaila Ram is the ring leader behind .The most favorable think for Chaila Ram, Pakistan is in the trap of IMF and World Bank, Pakistani leader ship is in the clutch of Uncle Sam, most of all Pakistani culture and civilization has been hijacked by the Chaila Ram’s TV channels.

Our electronic media is in the hands of Jews and in the deep incarnation of Chaila Ram by reading the lesson of friendship between India and Pakistan against the 2 nation theory and some Pakistani Kanjers are with him in order to get chance in boly wood where they have to sell the honor of nation in a shame less nude way. Our traitors are providing each and every thing to Chaila Ram and Uncle Saam under the shadow of greed and interests for their own selves. These slave creatures are neither human nor Pakistani but the dogs of their masters for bones and boneless flash of the people of Islamic republic.

Uncle Saam is not our friend, neither India nor Israel, but the worst enemies of Muslims we are in there trap by losing our self respect, civilization, and each an every think which is the trait of a Muslim. Our Unity is the only solution to get rid of this trap made by Jews, Uncle Saam and Chaila Ram. Do you think we will regain this Unity ever?, In the presence of Firqa Bandi,  class distinction, our puppet leader ship, senseless attitude and the constant silence upon each happening by turning a deaf ear to the all burning issues created by Uncle Saam and Chaila Ram? If you think some other day not now, then it will never be happen for good. So Decision is yours with this historical saying of a historical personality “now or never”

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