World War 3 Begins? (Aflatoon columns by Shahzad Arif)

In the present situation all over the world regarding the aggressive activities of USA and the allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, present plight of Syria and Egypt with the deep effects on Muslim world is indicating for the commencement of crusade. Constant and unjust silence on killing of thousands of people in Burma on the part of UNO and international media, compressed matter of Kashmir and Palestine providing all reason for world war 3 with the name of crusade which has been announced by the former president of USA, George walker Bush, This anticipation embraces with reality.

World War 1, 2 were fought with the conventional style according to the all provided war tactics and weapons. Though America used in World War II, his nuclear power in a varied brutal way, but was the age of war with direct cross fire. Now style has been changed by the developed countries, esp. America, British, Israel, who are using now indirect ways of war with direct assault.

Above mentioned countries is employing many indirect war tactics which are more successful than the direct way of fighting. Israel has full control on world media with which he used to spoil the fame of Muslim nations, creates uncertainty by inventing new reasons of attack on Muslim countries by America and his allies. Jews take issues from the Muslim world esp. in Asia, and then add fuel to fire.
America and his allies are working under the command of Israel as Jews have all hold of business, technology and funding in those countries. If Israel put his all shares out from the market, USA along with European economy will be collapsed in few days and they will be at default position.IMF and World Bank have made traps not only for developing countries but also they have created many traps for USA and European countries either.

Jews want another war, but with their own style. This style is the indirect fatal fight against Muslim world, by snatching all the recourses from them along with territorial encroach. Israel has started media war itself with the cooperation of India, England and USA where all largest media companies and news paper are in their command and control through media, IMF, World Bank and UNO.

Israel has completed home work against the muslins countries and started world war 3 which have given a name as “Crusade” as christen countries and secular forces are teaming up under the Crusade mission. This war has many aspects such as, promoting poverty, illiteracy, uncertainty, communal disputes, dearness, demise of civilization, so that Muslims countries could not be stabled and united later when Crusade would be Imposed openly.
Much as all anti Islam forces are united and have done their home work, but are suffering from fear with the signs created by Allah Almighty because now they are feeling as though they would be the parts of calamity in the world sooner or later sponsored by them.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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