Adam Levine, The Man Crowned As World Sexiest Man 2013

Adam Levine World Sexiest Man Alive 2013
Adam Levine World Sexiest Man Alive 2013
Adam Levine World Sexiest Man Alive 2013

Adam Levine Crowned as Worlds Sexiest Man Alive 2013, The compitition was within five frontmen, Justin Timberlake the Singer, Actor Idris Elba, Retired Soccer star David Beckham and form the unusual enteries Host of a Chat show Jimmy Fallon.

        The Voice in the Tuesday night’s Show, Mr Carson Daly announced the victory of Adam Levine as World’s Sexiest Man Alive. Channing Tatum was the World’s Sexiest Man for 2012, Now the Crown Shifted to Adam Levine, while talking to The People Magazine he said, ” When you are music star you have bundle of fantacies within your soul but I think that all are not fulfilable for a person, I was horribly stunned when i listen my name for this title , 1st of all I think they are joking with me but now thats cool experience.

Adam Levine also commited that I am 34 years old and I should Settle my marital life with my Fiancee Behati Princloo (A secret Model Of Victoria) , He confessed that he is practicing Yoga to remain him fit also he is shifting from Music to Acting and Fashion Designing as well.

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