After Watching the “Revolver Rani” No one will marry me say by Kangna

Revolver Rani

“Revolver Rani” the Upcoming Movie of glamorous actress Kangana

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut says her sister exhorted her not to do ‘Gun Rani’, in which she will be seen in a totally new corrector.

When I strove for narration of this film, my sister had accompanied me. She exhorted me not to do the film as the character was twisted, aggressive, crazy, and abusive. The character appeared troublesome, difficult to make on screen. At the same time I took it up,” She was talking about this movie on a promotion event of “Revolver Rani”

27 year old Bollywood glamorous Actress said in the wake of viewing her in the film nobody might want to wed her.

Revolver Rani

Revolver Rani Release date

“After a mind-boggling response to “Queen”, ‘Revolver Rani’ is extraordinary to me, the trusts are high. It is an uncommon film right from its idea, story, and treatment and so on,” Kangana said. The on-screen character, who shot for the film in Chambal, says she was not mindful in regards to the crime incident in the territory even now.

In the trailer of the film, Kangana has expressed her Wish to get married close to the Taj Mahal.

The story of the movie is very interested due to its comedy, an unusual love story and blazing guns said by Kangana. This movie will release April 25, 2014

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