Dhoom 3 Trailer Amir Khan Performs With Katrina Kaif


DHOOM3 – TRAILER – Aamir Khan Abhishek… by Amir Khan Mayo

All fans of Amir Khan are waiting for Amir Khan with Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3 movie. Many teaser and photos of the film have released by the producer of Dhoom 3. Now The Director of Dhoom 3 Vijay Krishna Acharya talks about the third part of “Dhoom” series having beutifull locations in Chicago and some other beautiful venues.

He said that, “My film is the showcase of all beautiful places in the city Chicago,” he also said that,” venues of many beautiful cities are enough for the beauty of Movie.”

Dhoom-3 Poster
Dhoom-3 Poster

The Director said the Chicago will look very different due to the performance of Amir Khan including death-defying action scenes.

Three month’s stay is taken in the City by Amir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Other staff.

Amir Khan shows his hot body in the snug-fitting black tee, flaunting his six-pack abs as he performs some fully action scenes for the enjoyment of his fans.

The most expensive song of the film “malang” made with the massive budget of Rs. 5 crore ($800,335).

The Indian upcoming movie Doom3 is full of entertainment. Amir Khan Performs quit well with Boly wood blond & brunet actress Katrina Kaif. Many Fans of Amir Khan want to see the Amir Khan with Katrina Kaif.

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