Indian Media Scared of ”Waar” and Now “Waar2”

waar2 mind works and ARY films

From the last few decades Indian film industry Bollywood, all over the region and exclusively on the whole map but Pakistani production ”Waar” broke all the previous records and settle new parameters for Pakistani film industry Lolly-wood.

Geo entertainment group of Pakistan captured the mind of Pakistani People and imposing an ideology which is borrowed from others. There are number of programs on Geo television network are Indian production which presenting the Indian culture and customs of Hindu society, the dressing of Hindu families which can never he like the Muslim rule of society, two-nation theory was the basic cause of sub-continental partition, Muslims society and Hindu, Sikh and other Non-Muslim were totally different.

Global village is a term used from 20th century, which spoiling the recognition and isolation of civilizations.

waar2 And Delta foxtrot echo

Now come to the point Geo and Jung group are running a collaborative program ” Aman ki Asha” which is discussed as controversial on media especially social media, having strong relation which Indian media, Geo gaining and enjoying all the benefits of its relation and launching Indian film Industry Bollywood Movies in Pakistan so the ”Waar” Becomes and the         programs of Geo and Indian media hardly flopped and Failed.

”Waar is a production and written by talented man Hasan Raza with Co-operation of ARY media network and ARY films, Now that’s announced ” Delta Echo Foxtrot” and sequel of “Waar” named “Waar2” will he produced by ARY film, Waar2 will be filmed in Pakistan, Russia, UK, Turkey and Yugoslavia and reported that local Pakistani and international stars will be introduced their action art.

Indian media already scared with the production and acceptance level Waar and had started a propaganda war against “Waar” Geo news is also in this game.

”Waar2” and Delta Echo Foxtrot will be release in 2014.


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