“Pakistan Idol” Bushra Ansari, Hadiqa Kayani and Ali Azmat Will Be Judge

Pakistani idol judges names
Pakistan idol judges.1
Pakistan idol judges.1

Pakistan Idol is very 1st Musical Reality Compititionary Tv Show and Pakistani youngsters are maniac to perform at such a tremendous plateform, Now when Pakistan Idol is going to be On-air soon, every heart is beating restlessly to know that who will judge this compitition, But Now the curtain unveils and its announced that Bushra Ansari a famous Pakistani Tv Actress and a supreme experienced Host, The Superior melody Queen Hadiqa Kiyani with the male appearance of pop legendary Singer Ali Azmat. Muhib Mirza will host Pakistan Idol who is another talented Guy from Pakistani showbiz Industry

The three famous judges are enjoying the Pakistan Idol so far and are much stimulated to referee the aspiring gifts of Pakistan. All the three judges are skilled and well renowned in the Pakistani Showbiz and Music Industry and They are really feeling much proud after the nomination as judges for this musical Reality Show Pakistan Idol.

Musical Reality Shows in The name of Idol are performed within the different nations in Past like American Idol, Indian Idol and Now its for the 1st time in Pakistan, there are singing qualities required alongwith a sound character of singer

Bushra Ansari, Hadiqa Kiyani and Ali Azmat are the best options for judges but let’s glimpse if the contestants can leave a good effect on the judges requirements or not. lets wait andglimpse how contestants will present in front of the legendary referees. confidence is much necessary with a good voice.

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