To Be Naked is only way to success for Veena Malik (By Shahzad Arif)

Veena Malik opines that her birth in is the mistake of nature as she must have born in India she could have become an icon in bollywood like,karina kapoor ,Aishwarya Bachan, Katrina kaif etc. unfortunately she born in Pakistan with the tag of so-called Pakistani and more than an actress of lolywood,and many tome she embarrassment is clearly showing her complaint against the luck because it could not perform well. Her luck is poor that she is Pakistani; luck would be good if she born in India, and this very luck would be tremendous if she could have born in Hollywood.

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Veena is not a small fry like the other Pakistani film actresses, veena Malik is a big fish who needs a sea where she could get freedom according to her own wish, so she did. She left the pond (Pakistan film industry) and joined Bollywood. Much has Veena Malik had to give cloth less performance but her efforts and sacrifices were unavoidable. She sacrifices herself along with self respect and the wealth of honor as a Muslim female above all Vienna did not hesitate to spoil the name of her own country. Matter of family respect is an out dated thing for her as Veena has left it in Pakistan, so there is no danger for it in India whether she continuous her shiny and brightening carrier in India or in Pakistan.


It is unjust to say that Veena did nothing for her country, she actually did a tremendous job for the pride of her country, but it should be kept in the mind that Pakistan is not her country. Veena Malik has changed her country along with the carrier and the luck. She could not forget Pakistan because she reminded in past by giving the naked pose with the tattoo of ISI on her arm.

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Veena do not care about the propaganda against her,Veena do not care anything which can prevent her from getting success in bollywood. Vienna’s courage shows her unflinching determination which is as strong as her status in India is. Vienna’s rebellion behavior has been badly criticized in Pakistan, so many jokes are roaming in cell phone messages, many ridiculous cartoons on face book and myriads of scandals on internet are showing de recto fame.


Veena blames that compatriot actresses are jealous for her success. If we go through the reality laying behind the blames of Veena Malik those Pakistani actresses is showing jealousy by commenting on her in news paper and on T.V shows. Pakistan our national songs on T.V show. Pakistan film industry is suffering from historical decline and has drawn back to Stone Age. On account of this situation affords of Pakistani actress is not more than a hidden wish.


One Veena is in India and many other Veena Malik are waiting for women hunter bollywood producers like Mahash Bhut and others as we all know what is the key to enter in bollywood for Pakistani heroines. How many Pakistani heroines met with color full success in India such as Zaiba Bakhtiar, Farrah Naz, Salma Agha, Reema Khan, Meera and now Veena Malik. There is no super star heroine among them but sore loser, neither Pakistani nor Indian, oscillating between two extremes, crossing border go to India, crossing border back to Pakistan, benefit is some money, lose is self respect and country’s honor, when relies then becomes a bird of peace and ready to promote relations between India and Pakistan like our government.

Do you think our government is behaving like Veena Malik?

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