Waar A Sign of Fortune For Pakistani Film Industry


Pakistani film industry after a long time succeeded to redirect the attraction of people fond of cinema, waar is a good addition in Pakistani cinema life Pakistani industry  was just dead when Bilal lashari directed waar and  Hassan Waqas written and produced it.

Chennai Express was the last film to hit Pakistani cinemas on Eid-ul-fitr and waar with the presence of Shan,Nesha Shafi,Ali Azmat,Shamoon Abasi and artists performed with a professional approach and waar is undoubtedly an injection of power for Pakistan . film industry and this is a much good news for the cinema fans as well.

Ewen waar broken all the past recordes of lollywood but also prevailing on bollywood newly launched movies”Boss” of Akshay Kumar , this ultimately a good sign but you can also say that this is the key of fortune for film industry in Pakistan.


Author: Ghu Hasa

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