“Waar” Representing Real Affair of Pak-India


Waar movie if we discuss about it ,Militants overrun a Pakistani policeman academy where in the story they kill 100 officers. There is also an Indian spy and her accomplice waltz in a glitzy flat in Islamabad to commemorate the achievement of their mission.
This is a view from Waar (“Strike”), Pakistan’s first big-budget video which opened this month to enthusiastic audiences in the nuclear-armed South Asian homeland of 180 million.
Waar the movie represent spicy relation within both nuclear technology having contries India and Pakistan.
Even in Pakistan itself, Waar is condemned by some liberals wary of what they glimpse as fiery nationalistic rhetoric and scenes showing the bad of India. The film made simply but full of action. Indian villains group up with Islamist militants to contrive spectacular attacks over Pakistan. Like any movie, we wanted to display the factual approach of good upon evil,” said by the young and new comer director Bilal Lashari.
Waar is must to watch because of it work. Rarely seen in asian movies Helicopter gunships whizz over mountains which is really a good work and commandos lay siege to militant sanctuaries in Pakistan’s scenic, lawless tribal districts.
“The armed detachment was large in that they gave us a lot of logistical support,” Lashari said. “All the scenes with the helicopters and the mountains – they couldn’t have been done without the army.”
Though yet to be screened in India, the movie serves as a reminder of tensions between the neighboring states, which have battled three conflicts since self-reliance from the British in 1947.
India and Pakistan trade accusations of arranging cross-border attacks and carrying militants in the argued region of Kashmir, where aggression has seen a resurgence in latest months.
The movie has verified hugely successful. On a latest viewing in a crammed movies in the capital, attendees leapt to their feet to commend patriotic scenes

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