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BALI, Indonesia: Megan Young announced Miss World 2013 throughout the Final of world’s well known beauty contest held at Bali, Indonesia on Saturday.

According to thenewstrans.com’c correspondent from Bali, Indonesia atmosphare was spectacular arround the venue.

Megon Lynne juvenile has protected the First 5 Ms. World title for the Philippines.

“No words! Thank you so much for choosing me. I pledge to be the best overlook World ever” overlook Philippines Megan Young said after winning the title.

Megan was born in the USA before going to the Philippines when she was 10. actually studying Digital Film making, Megan has been seeming on computer display since the age of 15, starring in films, TV shows, and as a presenter.

Megan has aspirations of going behind the camera in the future, taking the function of director after gaining experience and finishing her requirements. In her replacement time she relishes playing video games, she states she has and always will be a Harry Potter follower, and that she is “guided by my heart… I believe and talk from it.”


“Amazing scenes here in Bali, Megan is overcome with emotions as a rip rolls down her impertinence, enterprise to ‘Be the most effective overlook World Ever’!” the overlook World licensed Twitter account aforesaid.
She conjointly signalled to the gathering at the beginning of “Miss World Philippines’ Year,” it supplemented.
Young had to answer the inquiry, “Why must you be Miss World?” with: “I treasure a centre price of humanity which guides individuals why they act the manner they are doing.”


“This is my family. This was for a charity happening back in Zambales within the Philippines. My younger kinsman and sister could also be crazy from time to time however once it arrives to supporting one another, I perceive they’re rutinely behind Maine. My folks can routinely be there no issue what. I perceive that the majority of the time area unit|they’re}n’t there bodily however i do know that they are right there each step of the manner. while not the four of them, I wouldn’t be the person i’m nowadays. while not the love, fights, hugs, misunderstandings, victories and errors created, I wouldn’t be here while not them. they’re my strength and my flaw. i really like you Mama, Papa, Victor and Lauren!”

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