Pakistani’s Celebrate Eid Ul Azha on 16 October: Pakistan Metrology Department

Eid Ul Azha


Eid Ul Azha
Eid Ul Azha On 16 October

Eid-ul-Azha” OR Bakra Eid will be celebrated on October 16 (Wednesday) in Pakistanas there are strong indication that “Zilhajj” starts from Oct: 7 in Pakistan .
This month and event has a firm affiliation of Islamic faith, muslims celebrate this day in the remembrance of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim AS who offer his Son Ismail AS for that Sacrifice to god but a womb from heavens by God’s order presented to Ibrahim except of Ismail.

Pakistan metrological Department confirms the exact date in the evening of 6 october, PMD expected fair and uncloudy weather during Eid Days.

Thenewstrans greets you in anticipation

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