Krrish 3 Busy Shedule of production keeps Hrithik Roshan busy.



The busy schedule of the Harithik doesn’t allow him from being the face of  country.

Hrithik is presently busy wrapping up his super hero film – Krrish three and has 2 a lot of films lined up post that. His busy schedule keeps him far from being the face of India.

Roughly a year past, the authorities had approached the actor to become the face of geographical region, however as a result of a packed schedule, he couldn’t create time for identical.

Hrithik believes that it’s not solely a compliment however additionally a large responsibility to become the face of the state. It needs lots of your time and dedication.

Meanwhile, Hrithik is held with the promotions of Krrish 3  to unleash it on November four.

Commenting on the first-of-its-kind motion poster that he recently launched, Haritik Roshan says, “I in person am passionate about it, thus I’m happy. the will has continuously been to administer folks one thing new.”

Author: Ghu Hasa

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