Abortion law now blocks for the Arkansas

United State of America (USA): A Federal law of United State Passed a block law for the Arkansas to reduce the quantity of abortion which is tough one for the Arkansas.

The Federal Judge of United State of America (USA) passed an order to implement the restrictive abortion law for the Arkansas’ by calling it “It is more than Likely unconstitutional”.

Due the increasing quantity of the abortion in Arkansas, the federal law issued order to reduce or limiting the abortion quantity in Arkansas state. A law also has been passed for the Arkansas that after passing 12 weeks abortion of pregnancy will be illegal now.

In 17th May 2013 on Friday the United State (US) district Judge Susan Webber Wright issue order to make the abortion of pregnancy illegal after passing 12 weeks. She explain that I am going to issuing this order to save the women rights in Arkansas and also for reducing the abortion quantity in Arkansas.

The US District judge explain that is a women want to abortion her pregnancey after passing 12 weeks then it will be illegal and police can arrest her by the violating the Arkansas law.

A bill also has been passed by the Supreme Court to create the Arkansas Human heartbeat protection Act; to save or protect  the unborn children.


Author: Ghu Hasa

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