H7N9 Bird Flu Virus Found In Hong Kong

h7n9-avian-influenza-virus-china hong kong
h7n9 bird flu in hong kong
h7n9 bird flu in hong kong

H7N9 Virus found in human 1st time in Hong Kong, An Indonesian maid Ko Wing-manĀ aged 36 years brought to hospital in critical condition, according to the Secretary Food and health of Hong Kong She is just travel from Shenzhen the Chinese City near to Hong Kong, where she ate chicken.

bird-flu h7n9

The Affectee of H7N9 Bird Flu keep Isolated from other patients in Hospital and also from his relatives and friends, Ko said that she was just suffering from Influenza but Hong Kong raised just a baseless Issue.
H7N9 bird flu virus first time seen in Shanghai in March of this year and after that hazardous discovery more than 100 cases of H7N9 bird flu virus found, the evidence cant prove it human to human transmitted,
World Health organisation confirmed that H7N9 found in Human and 45 died of that Bird flu Virus. hong Kong cant afford the new disease because they had already an attack of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS which infect 8,096 people and 744 died in this attack. Hong Kong stopped all poultry Supplies from Shenzhen and other parts from china.

Shanghai Authorities ordered to stop live poultry trading From January 31 until April 30 to prevent Bird Flu and H7N9.


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