Iodine Deficiency, A Hazard For Healthy Pakistan

iodine deficiency
iodine deficiency in pakistan
iodine deficiency in pakistan

iodine deficiency

Thousands of People are suffering from different diseases because of the iodine deficiency, Iodine is the basic ingredient of food but there is no one awared about it nor government taken this hazard seriously ever.
Half of the community of Pakistan was facing disabilities, mental illness, goiter difficulties because of the need of deficiency of Iodine, The nationwide Nutrition Survey 2011 of Pakistan said.
Around 1.7 billion people encompassing 43 million babies were affected over the globe because of deficiency of Iodine, The World wellbeing Organization report said.
Around 760 million persons over the globe were facing the sickness of goiter, 11 million were facing steel sickness and 43 million were facing bodily and mental sickness diseases because of the need of Iodine in the nourishment.
The National Nutrition review report said that round 50% of population were facing Iodine deficiency while 72% progeny were born with the deficiency of Iodine while every year 21 % woman facing goiter problem because of the deficiency of Iodine in their food.
Most of the patients of Iodine were from evolving countries like Pakistan, India, Sudan, Senegal while round 20% of populations were facing Iodine deficiency.
Dr. Muhammad Atif a Nutritionist said that most of the persons in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa did not knows that how much was important the Iodine in their daily food, supplementing that mean mature person body needs one tea spoon of Iodine for his entire life to avert disorders like mental flaws, disabilities, premature birth, miscarriages, and new born babies with congenital abnormalities.
He further said that around 12 million persons of mountainous areas like top Dir, Lower Dir, Swat, Shangla, Abbotabad, Kohistan and Chitral were at high risk because of the deficiency of Iodine in their nourishment.
Dr. Atif said that most of the mothers in our homeland did not understand about the deficiency of Iodine, adding that 5 million young kids were born with the deficiency of Iodine in the country, supplementing that 28 countries in the World has make legislation and applied the regulation correctly.
Dr. Qaiser Ali Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Reproductive Health and Nutrition Deputy controller said that that the need of Iodine in our nourishment increases numerous infections in young kids encompassing goiter, mental sickness and disabilities in young kids, supplementing that in Chitral in ten people one was opposite goiter infection because of the need Iodine deficiency.
He further said that difficulties of Iodine deficiency were reported mostly from hilly localities where most of the infant offspring and born offspring were facing the need of Iodine, supplementing that now they started teaching persons about the Iodine saline as the number of Iodine patients were now decline in these localities.
He farther supplemented that most of the young kids were past away premature; adding that in 1994 the government had encompassed Iodine in nourishment while in 2002 it was supplemented in favor nourishment proceed but still it was not applied.

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