Pharmaceutical Prices Increases 18% in Pakistan

pharmaceutical prices in Pakistan
pharmaceuticals in pakistan1
pharmaceuticals in pakistan1

ISLAMABAD: The pharmaceutical Manufacturer decides to increase the prices of all registered medicines and drugs up to 18 %.

In the nonattendance of a nationwide drug regulairity authority, the manufacturers claim the boost has been permitted by the federal government.
Secretary General of the (PPMA) Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Khawaja Javed Akbar said on Monday We have inquired our members to arrange a register of pharmaceuticals with increase for proposal to the Drug Regulatory Authority, also siad that the new drud prices are submitted to the Government and will be printed on the new batches.
He claimed that boost in pharnaceuticals prices are according to the advice of Pakistan Drug Regularity Authority and passed by the Government officials, the meeting was held on 23 October and Later on 2 more meetings to decide the boost percentage

According to sources,government will announce officially the boost in the prices of listed pharmaceuticals within 10 days.
They said that Pakistan Government was agree to increase the pharmaceutical prices upto 15% but it was not satisfactory by the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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