Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter aircraft crashed in occupied Jammu Kashmir

indian air craft crashed

Indian MiG-21 fighter aircraft crashed in Jammu Kashmir

An Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter aircraft on Tuesday morning in south Kashmir flies from the nearby town of Awantipura Air Base crashed in Beej Behara the pilot was killed in crash.

South Kashmir Deputy Inspector General Vijay Kumar told: ‘the plane’s pilot was seriously injured in the crash but he is died while taking to the hospital’

According to the source only on pilot was in the Air craft and the air craft had left air base for training purpose,  Russian made MIG-21 fighter plane is actually leading air craft of Indian Air Force.

indian aircraft crashed

Information issued by Indian defense ministry, during the past 50year including Kashmir in different region of India MIG-21 aircraft is prone to accidents than 30 times. In accident more than 170 pilots and more than 40 civilian have been killed.

Last year, near Srinagar airport MiG-21 crashed on a residential building. Pilot survived, but a civilian was killed. Earlier in the state of Jammu when MIG-21 crashed then two pilots killed.

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