A policeman killed in operation near Cairo in Egypt



CAIRO: Egyptian troops and policeman on weekday raged the village of Kerdassah beside Cairo within the newest crushing on militants, newspapers and security, agents same.

State agency MENA delineate that a senior policeman agent was slain within the procedure.

A security licensed declared that vehicles bearing armed workers entered the village whereas army helicopters hovered overhead.

A foot supply confirmed the procedure in Kerdassah, wherever clashes between security forces and equipped assemblies had erupted simply hours when Egypt’s administration commenced a crushing on 2 bivouacs of supporters of ousted leader Mohamed Morsi in Cairo on August fourteen.

The battling left eleven security agents dead whereas some policeman stations were torched.

Egyptian policeman and armies have commenced a maintained campaign against militants and Islamists since the army’s ouster of Morsi on July three.

The operation in Kerdassah arrives when a alike crushing was commenced within the city of Delga in central Egypt on Mon.

While most supporters of ousted previous Egyptian president Morsi are crushed by security forces, there square measure still protestors in several parts of Egypt and therefore the Sinai barren, holding the unrest alive.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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