A Teenage Girl’s body seen near Karachi beach, Man Accused Arrested and jailed for life

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KARACHI: A body of a young female was found on Karachi’s Seaview beach on Thursday, Thenewstrans described.

According to the police, the young female elderly between 13-14 years was slain before being dumped beside the sea. Her body was found out by bystanders who subsequently alerted administration. She was wearing a school consistent.

The police suspected that the young female might have been raped before being killed. However, Head of crisis Ward at the Jinnah Postgraduate health Centre Dr Seemin Jamali said it would be premature to state if she had been subjected to rape as the autopsy was underway.

Preliminary details by the police proposed that the casualty was a inhabitant of the city’s Banghoria Goth in Azizabad. A day before, her family has filed a report considering her kidnapping, police causes told Thenewstrans.

KARACHI: A sessions court punished on Tuesday a man to life in jail for raping and murdering a secondary girl..

Azeemuddin was discovered guilty of murdering the nine-year-old girl after subjecting her to a sexy assault at his shop in Mominabad in January 2005.

Additional District and Sessions referee (west) Irfan Ahmed Meo spoke his verdict after notes clues of observers and final contentions from both sides.

The court presented down life term to the suspect under part 302 (premeditated murder) and another 10-year period under part 376 (punishment for rape) of the Pakistan Penal cipher.

The court furthermore imposed a fine of Rs100,000 on the convict and in case of default he would have to undergo an additional six months in jail.

although, the court ruled that both the judgments would run concurrently.

The accused was a baker and on Jan 11, the casualty went to his shop in the Mominabad locality to buy baked bread, but the accused with his two absconding accomplices strangulated the young female after subjecting her to rape and dumped her body interior the shop.

A case (FIR 99/2005) was listed against the suspect on a accusation of the victim’s dad at the Mominabad police station.

The court extended the benefit of part 382-B (period of detention to be considered while bestowing sentence of imprisonment) of the criminal method code to the convict and remanded him back to jail along with his conviction warrant to serve out the judgment.

A meetings court sentenced on Tuesday a man to life imprisonment in a murder case.

The court discovered Hukam Khan at fault of murdering his wife Fauzia in September 2007 at their house in Frontier Colony.

The additional district and meetings referee (west), Shagufta Siddiqui, furthermore asked the convict to pay Rs1 million to the lawful heirs of the deceased as reimbursement and in case of non-payment he would have to undergo an added one year in prison.

The court in its decision discerned that two key prosecution observers had glimpsed the suspect fleeing from his dwelling after committing the infringement and their testimonies were corroborated by the health and other documentary evidence.

The suspect took the plea that the deceased was traded out to him by her family against Rs70,000 and he had not paid the full allowance, therefore he was farmed in the case. However, it was not believable that relations of the deceased bordered him only to recover such a little amount and disregarded to find out the actual murderer of their young female, the court ruled.

The suspect was wed with a 19-year-old young female around one and a half years before the occurrence in Swabi, from where they subsequent moved to Karachi. Two relations of the casualty went to her dwelling on the day of the occurrence, the suspect opened the door and run away and they found her dead inside the dwelling, it supplemented.

A case (FIR 254/07) was registered under part 302 (premeditated killing) and 34 (common intention) of the Pakistan Penal cipher on a accusation of the deceased’s male sibling at the Pirabad police station.

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