Air pollution is the greatest risk to public health

Air pollution

World Health Organization, air contamination on the world, the great risk to public health proclaimed.Pollution is the big reason, according to a new study every eighth individual on the planet who passed on and the reason for death worldwide in the year 2012, 70 million individuals were slaughtered.

Most of the deaths in South and East Asian countries were poor and the middle class and more than half the deaths wood and coal stoves were caused by the smoke rising from.

Air pollution effects
Research findings that houses the smoke arising during the process of cooking most affected are women and children. If only safe for cooking stoves were supplied to the lives of millions of people in the world can escape. They says that outdoor air pollution is a major problem for countries like China and India, where rapid industrialization is taking place.

According to experts inhaled air pollution caused by tiny particles that go into our lungs which can cause disease. Scientists think that air pollution caused by inflammation of the heart makes the heart attack are more likely. They reports that 43 million deaths worldwide in 2012, an air pollution indoors by burning wood or coal, especially in Asia arising during cooking smoke and outdoor air pollution was caused by the death toll was around 37 million, of which 90 percent were in developing countries.

Report says that women are more infected by Air Pollution as compare to men in developing country. Different specialists say the contamination control further research is required to recognize the parts of the deadliest.

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