Anti-smoking laws are useful for health?

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This comes in the wake of a worldwide study on the smoking ban in openly places have positive results for kids health. According to the researchers, this type of regulation of children from the effects of premature birth and asthma in children after the enactment of this Act by ten percent decline. This team was in North America and Europe in the past eleven investigations analyzed.

Royal College abstrytration and gynecologists the smoking ban has benefited men and children. This is one of the largest investigations against smoking laws in different countries that examine the impact on children.

latest health news

In this study, Britain, Belgium and the U.S., researchers at universities and hospitals in two and a half million births resulting influx of half a million children have asthma review. Participating in this study concerning Dr. Jasper International University of Belgium and the children under the age of 12 years were very important findings.

Dr. Jasper said: “Our research clearly proves that ban smoking in public places young children and children in general have a great impact on health and the World Health Organization recommendations, which resulted in smoke about-free public places are reinforced.

The study author Professor Aziz Sheikh said that a result of this research to improve children’s health, there are more opportunities. He said that many countries do not have laws against smoking after their results should focus on this important area of health. ‘

Earlier investigations had proved that the 40% of children worldwide are affected by tobacco smoke which causes attacks of bronchial asthma is described. Recent European study also proved that tobacco smoke affects the result of the narrowing of the arteries and can cause heart disease progression.

According to experts, the most such problems arise in children because their lungs and the immune system is still able to grow.16% of the world population lives in countries where smoke-free laws. A person smoking organization Forest says, “Remember that the number of people in the UK suffers from the disease of asthma in the last 40 years has tripled during the same period, the number of people who smoke has half.

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