By eating fruits and vegetables daily increase in age

latest research about humen age

latest research about human health and age  tell us that by eating fruit and vegetable daily the human age can increase, Scientists say that a day of fruits and vegetables instead of five parts which can raise in age from seven to the food.

By eating fruits and vegetables a day seven of deaths from cancer and heart disorders are less likely to occur.But the British government says that eating five portions a day is enough different that it becomes difficult to follow.

latest research about humen age b

University College London, in a recent study of 65226 men and women in the study noted that people who eat more fruits and vegetables and their risk of dying in a actual age are relatively low.

Experts say that eating only fruits and vegetables but not by lifestyle factors such as abstinence from alcohol and smoking may also reduce mortality, but researchers say the study period factors taken into account.University College London, England’s National Health Survey used for research. In England, which is an annual survey of people in their diet and lifestyle information are taken.

King’s College London School of Medicine professor Tom Saunders said about the research that was already known that fruits and vegetables people eat the more aware they are of good health, she developed teaching and the economy are good as they are at the same risk of death.

They survey data between 2008 to 2001 of carrying out this analysis. During the research the causes, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and stroke deaths were studied because of which it emerged that people who eat fruits and vegetables, their risk of death from these diseases than Was.

Not only that, but those who eat fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of death from any cause was disease. But some experts believe that the results of this study are not exhaustive and lifestyle factors that may be affecting.


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