Court order to register murder case against ranger persons

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Murder case against five ranger persons

Mithi: District court action against five officers, including Inspector Rangers in a murder case and issued an order to arrest them.

Rangers personnel killing a young man is accused of injuring another. Sessions Judge Syed Nasir Rehman Talpur’s law in court the victim had filed a petition Noor Ahmad, a stance that was shot during the hunting Rangers Nasser Mohammad Ali Talpur Talpur killed and wounded while. He argued that the police refused to register a case against the Rangers have.
pakistan news

Police and Rangers appeared in court and the court ordered police station SHO khynsr the Inspector Abbas, Azhar Hussain, Karamat Hussain, Mohammad Razzaq and Mohammad Khalil attempted murder case against him to be arrested.

Sajjad Talpur arrested before the court, Adil Hanif rahmun Talpur and released on bail. Rangers against their duty to block competition and poaching case was filed.

khynsr police station Rangers inspector Abbas claimed in a complaint filed in the case on April seven o’clock at night half Karamat Hussain Naik, Naik Lines Mazhar Hussain, Mohammad Khalil and Mohammad Razzaq left the headquarters when the Goth Paban going to ride in a jeep without number plates, some deer hunting with Clear Lights were coming close to us they intend to attack the fire on which we fired back.

Rangers stand that the fire started in the back of the jeep and then surrounded the car and its occupants detained people.

Among those detained, Mohammad Ali Talpur and Mir Nasir Ali Talpur were injured were transported for treatment chachru hpstal Mir Sajjad Anwar, Mohammad Hanif and Mohammad Adil rahmun khynsr including the car was handed over to police.

Sajjad Talpur and just Talpur said that they were suffering Rangers opened fire without warning. He lifted up his hand, but still he did not stop firing. Those young people who were released on bail on charges that Rangers check post arrested and tortured all night.

Remember that rare breed of deer found in the Thar Desert, which hunting is banned by the government of Sindh. Wildlife Department staff due to its large size and low poaching does not monitor the Rangers take on the responsibility.

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