Google Computerized Gaggles is ready for sale in US

Google Computerized Glasses

Google Computerized Glasses

Google, the company declared that Google goggles on April 15 will be released for sale in the United States. Google imposed on eye glasses or computer glasses, which are controlled by sound and touch.

For buying the Google glasses the minimum age of candidate should be 18 year. Google Glass will cost fifteen hundred U.S. dollars. A month later, the glass is expected that Google may be offered for sale in the UK.

Google glass sold in 2013 and was eight thousand people who wear the ‘Explorer’ were named. Google Glass is actually a smart phone, which can be made from photos and videos. Connection to the Internet through Google can tell who wears glasses is that the location where he stands and what is the name and address of the building.

Question about privacy of use of Google glasses

Google Computerized Glasses

Google the man wearing glasses could be a moment that they are out of pocket camera or Camera Phone Photos taken in the preparation is wasting. However, Google’s use of glass can lead to many questions about privacy.

For example if the Google glasses user ride a bus and take the photos of any person without its permission then what kind of reaction he will face. A woman in the U.S. state of California put Google’s smart glasses on driving traffic police have fined.

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