NATO suspended civil and military cooperation with Russia

Crimea issue

NATO foreign ministers in Brussels after a meeting of civil and military cooperation with Russia have suspended all. NATO Secretary General Aires Fu Ross Mosin say that after the capture of ¬†Crime by Russia, it become the biggest threat to Europe’s security. They further argued that there can be no business as usual with Russia.

Ross Mosin civil and military cooperation with Russia over NATO’s message is very clear, saying that he is with our allies and Ukraine. He requested that the international laws of Russia and Ukraine to respect boundaries. The Mosin Aires Fu Ross denied the reports that Russia recalled its forces from the border with Ukraine is.

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The idea that thousands of Russian troops still present in Ukraine’s eastern border and KYIV, which Western countries are anxious. Crime by Russia’s accession to the diplomatic tensions caused by the NATO was the first meeting of the foreign ministers of 28 countries.

After the meeting of NATO foreign ministers to end all cooperation with Russia announced it was also decided in the meeting of the NATO Russia Council at the level diplomatic dialogue must continue. It was decided at the meeting that NATO aircraft flights in the region will take part in the normal, according to analysts, because of the current situation is paramount.

Several NATO countries, including Britain, America and France are to take part in the exercises to provide additional combat aircraft have to offer. The idea of the action of Russia in Ukraine, the former Soviet Union states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have become uncomfortable.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister John Kerry with the ‘environment’ in the four-hour-long discussion on the issue of Ukraine announced that a new agreement has not. He also announced that Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Paris after meeting during a press conference.

John Kerry said that the presence of Russian troops on the borders of Ukraine of fear has been created. He said that the motives of the crisis between the two countries differ, but both have agreed to solve the problem diplomatically. ”

Sergey Lavrov earlier demand for a neutral federal Ukraine. But Russian Foreign Minister had ruled out military attacks on Ukraine. Crime peninsula of Ukraine to make their part of the Federation of Russia has faced international criticism and condemnation. After the March 16 referendum crime separate from Ukraine and Russia had joined. The UN General Assembly approved the referendum was illegal.

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