Now separate gender for eunuchs in India

India’s Supreme Court order about the gender of eunuchs

India’s Supreme Court ordered the eunuchs had a long-standing demand that they recognize ‘third gender’ to be recognized as. The court also ordered the eunuchs to provide all the amenities, including a reservation Indian Constitution under the Other Backward Classes who have.

Before official records there were only two types of recognition, men and women and eunuchs of them had to involve him in these categories.
Now separate gender for eunuchs in India
The company’s lawyer, Sanjeev Bhatnagar said that the landmark judgment in society, discrimination against eunuchs exercised the Court has taken very seriously and they provide all the facilities to other backward classes (OBC) match.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a prominent leader of the eunuchs, said jubilation eventually, the society has the right to equality guaranteed by the Constitution of India is given.

On the peripheries of society, eunuchs are long, but the quota in jobs and educational institutions will facilitate the launch of their lives can be changed forever. Human rights activists believe this decision is a historic breakthrough.

AP Singh says Supreme Court lawyer eunuchs in the old days there was respect, the decision of the Supreme Court, he will be brought back into the mainstream. All official records of the third gender will also include a new category.

Eunuchs argued that the Constitution does not distinguish between citizens on the basis of gender. The Supreme Court said in its ruling that the law is not only because of the content shall not discriminate against them.

Human Rights spokesman says the discrimination they face in society until they are allowed to enter hospitals. Moreover, they forced her to determine the sex in public places is called.


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