Now the treatment of cancer with the help of high-tech goggles

high-tech googles for treatmnt of cancer

Latest treating process of cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which cause the millions of people death and scientists are always looking for cancer treatment, now they discover a new treatment process in the form of high-tech glasses.

In United States became a new goggle technology which will create cancer-prone cells and healthy ones. It will be easier to remove the affected part. Dr. Rhine-field treatment that are part of the program, says: “The technology is fantastic. Just as a microscope advice you do the surgery.
high-tech googles for treatmnt of cancer
In this time there are two process of treating the cancer: one in which cancer drugs are eliminated through other methods of cancer by radiotherapy messenger is removed. Scientists to find a solution to this little healthy tissue outside the tumor, but also cut off some of the cancer cells still exist then require repeat surgery.

With this new treatment process a treated patient during the study body is inserted into a ring. The color is a special type of protein present in the cancer-prone tumor cells have the ability to stick with it. Color after being remove malignant cells of a specific type of light the human eye cannot see it, but they certainly can be seen with the help of high-tech goggles that.

Dr. Rhine field say that with the help of Operation section reduces the cut further if we can do that too. That being said, 40% of breast cancer patients in the U.S. and in the UK approximately 20% of patients require more than one surgery.

Goggles with a specific surgery to remove the tumor which may prove beneficial in patients will not require further surgery. Currently, the new Google technology is used on patients who have early breast cancer.

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