Oil bomb also detonated, Petrol Rs113.25 per litre


ISLAMABAD: government on Monday raised oil charges by as much as 4.2 per cent, productive from October 1.
An official said that Prime Minister had accepted expanding a grant of Rs2 billion on High Speed Diesel (HSD) and gasoline to supply respite to the consumers, although, it did not stop the government from increasing the price of gasoline by Rs 4.12 per litre and HSD by Rs 4.69 per litre.
The government has tailored a four-phase plan to reduce the subsidies from about 1.8 per cent of GDP to 0.3-0.4 per cent of GDP in 3 years. However, it still extended the HSD and gasoline grants.
The cost of high-speed diesel, which is mostly used in cargo and passenger vehicles as well as in agriculture, has been advanced by Rs4.69 per litre to Rs116.95 per litre from the living Rs112.26.
gasoline price has been advanced by Rs4.12 to Rs113.25 per litre, contrasted to vintage cost of Rs109.13.
The cost of kerosene oil, which is consumed for preparing food in remote localities where liquefied petroleum gas is not gladly accessible, was increased by Rs2.14, taking it to Rs108.13 per litre against living Rs105.99.
buyers of light diesel oil, which is mostly utilised for industrial reasons, faced a hike of Rs2.81 to Rs101.24 per litre from Rs98.43.
The price of high octane combining component, used in luxury cars, rose by Rs5.57 to Rs143.90 per litre contrasted to living Rs138.33.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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