PIA still in loss but will be at break-even in one year, said by MD


LAHORE: Pakistan Inter-national Airlines (PIA) Managing Director Muhammad Junaid Yunus has said that healthy tendencies are very much apparent in PIA and inside one year the airline will be on the break-even grade pursued by profitability in years to come and no worker will be laid off. The accessibility of fleet has expanded to 26 airplane assisting in restoring our agenda and introduction of 25 additional air travel as well.

This he asserted while speaking to a press briefing at the head agency. Deputy organising Director technology Air Vice Marshall Qasim Masood Khan, controller air travel procedures Captain Khalid Hamza and controller Marketing Khurram Mushtaq were also present. He said if we have a fleet of 38-40 airplane there is no need to gaze for governmental assistance any more. Yunus said he is completely in affirmation with the statement of government Minister of Information Pervez Rasheed that if the airline can organise its activities through its own assets, there is no need to privatize it. He guaranteed the government that PIA is recovering fast and will be no more a burden on state, he said. PIA has presented 25 added air travel in its winter agenda 2013 encompassing a new air travel to Toronto making it to 4 per week, 6 flights to Manchester, 4 to Birmingham, 5 to Kuala Lumpur, 22 to Dubai, 8 air travel to Abu Dhabi, 7 to Muscat, two to Khatmandu on worldwide routes whereas four added air travel on Islamabad, Karachi- three between Islamabad and Lahore and two additional air travel between Islamabad and Quetta.

Muhammad Junaid Yunus said that like premier airlines of the world we have taken up the shrink to grow philosophy according to which the airplane deployment is according to economic viability of path. Amsterdam and Frankfurt have been closed and the aircraft is being utilised on more money-making path in Gulf. Similarly utilisation of airplane has been advanced on household routes too. He said that we have made all arrangements to come by new airplane. Previously this acquisition didn’t happen due to certain causes but now very shortly new planes will be included in fleet. He said the optimum fleet obligation is 38-40 airplane and one time we have this number the airline will become self-sufficient rather profitable. Muhammad Junaid Yunus said 2013 has been a tough year for us mainly due fleet constraint and of course very low quantum of Umrah traffic due restrictions from Saudi Arabia. But now the outcomes are very encouraging and the incomes are on increase. He said we are furthermore practicing diverse cost chopping assesses particularly the fuel saving workouts are under way. we have around 16,600 employees and in couple of years round 3,000-4,000 workers will be retiring but no new induction will be made and thus employee ratio per airplane will be reduced.

He said all efforts are being taken for the betterment of airline with hardworking participation of workers and the outcomes are very promising, said Yunus. The glossy and on time Hajj procedure is an example of it. we have been adept to transport more than 29,000 hujjaj through 70 flights with a regularly rate of overhead 95 per hundred. The boost in fleet availability has assisted us in decreasing the hold ups happening earlier.

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