Polio Campaign will never hinder and no attack

Peshawar Chief Minister Pervez Khattak saying on Polio Campaign

Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak said that negotiations with the Taliban, Polio workers coming attack was include in the agenda, this is the reason that attacks on workers in polio campaign has been reduced by the growing success of the campaign.

Peshawar Chief Minister Pervez Khattak said the increasing attacks on polio workers, the disease was being spread alarmingly in KP and unavoidable had to stop this new trend.
Chief Minister Pervez Khattak
He said the government’s peace talks with the Taliban, especially in that part of the agenda, and stressed that the future will hinder militant campaigns and attacks on workers will be stopped. We aim to achieve “sehat ka insaf” program in the province, especially in order to control the disease through immunization and continued for two months, the campaign has been quite successful.

He judged the health program has been launched since then there has been no attack on polio workers in the province, during which millions of children have been vaccinated.He said that after the success of the program in Peshawar circle has now extended to other districts and if this campaign did not put any obstacle will soon get rid of polio.

when asked from him whether his party was voted to change the system but there is never seem any change anywhere, Pervez Khattak said the change is for the government is not to made major roads or high-rise buildings.

To me, the name change is the replacement of the system; the police system is better, different institute’s reforms to eliminate corruption and to create a new law that’s the change is effective.

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