Rebels shoot down Ukrainian military aircraft in Luhansk, 49 military persons killed

Rebels shoot down Ukrainian military aircraft

Several military persons killed in aircraft attack in Ukraine

According got the Officials in Ukraine insurgent shoot down a military ship several military persons were dead in this attack. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says its Il-76 transport aircraft; anti-aircraft fire in the eastern city Luhansk the aircraft has been destroyed.

The statement said that several people were killed in the incident, but the final number is not known. Military officials estimate that at least 49 people were aboard the plane.

ukrainian aircraft attackThe ship carrying military equipment and military personnel was going and it was going to land on the airport of the city.

Defence Ministry statement said the “terrorists” when they targeted the aircraft was landing at the airport. The Ministry also expressed condolences to the families of dead soldiers.

Luhansk Ukraine’s eastern region is one of two cities where pro-Russian separatists declare independence from the capital Kiev. Ukraine’s government ‘anti-terrorism,’ the action of the last two months, at least 270 people have been killed.

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