Scientist design a Brain operated machine hand for human

Machine hand like natural hand

U.S. Department has design a machine hand which has the potential to lifting public goods. Deka named arm machine hand’s fingers can act like natural hand fingers.

Deka hand to feel the motion of electromagnetic waves from muscles which move the fingers in ten different ways.
The people who have no hand can use it for open the door, zip up clothes, this machine hand is better than the hock hand which has been used present time.

U.S. Army soldiers are provided help for this this machine to test and improve it for future research.
This machine hand has been prepared under the U.S. Army Defense Advanced Research Project (DARPA).

machine hand
DARPA was tasked to develop artificial limbs that may be brought against those who have lost limbs. Recent years have seen improvements in the quality of artificial limbs, but more attention is given to artificial hands and feet.

Engineers face many problems to create artificial limbs challenges. Yet been officially approved for such parts made of metal fingers which are similar to hooks on the other hand Deka arm’s fingers are like natural fingers.

DARPA spokesman Justin twins told that the Deka arm focused on making sure that it looks like a natural hand.
The U.S. Federal Drug Administration, which is responsible for the approval of the artificial limbs, said that the Deka hand is for those people who lost shoulder, or upper arm or wrist.

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