Shahid Khan Afridi now launches a welfare website

Afridi launches a welfare website

Pakistan legendary all-rounder cricketer has launches his welfare website for helping the lower class people in Pakistan; he launched his website in Karachi today, the website is On website launching occasion Shahid afridi says that he want to serve lower class people in Pakistan.

Afridi launched his foundation’s website yesterday at a hotel in Karachi. All-rounder shahid afridi demand from people that they participate in this welfare work he said.
shahid afridi foundation

“I will require  the full joint effort of open for proceed with this welfare work,”

While conversing with media, Afridi said that he wants to serve low level class individuals through welfare and philanthropy work in the country.

Moreover Afridi said. “I need to proceed with my work in the four province of Pakistan with the focal stage of Shahid Afridi Foundation,”

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