Taliban announced to sacrifices on ceasefire till 10 April

Tahreq a taliban news

Tahreq a taliban Pakistan has announced to stop ceasefire for next ten days, TTP representative, Shahidullah Shahid in an explanation published that the ceasefire had been stretched out till April 10 and the Taliban Shura might take a further choice in this respect later on.

Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid by on Friday released a statement to the media, and later told reporters that the Taliban cease in accordance with Council Decision has been extended to April ten.

Tahreq a taliban news

He said the Taliban shura April ten, which will be convened again next schedule, will be fixed. He said he is not satisfied with the government’s actions are still being tortured in prisons and their inmates are going to throw their bodies.

Prisoners being released by the government said the spokesman confirmed they cannot currently being Taliban or the general public.The idea of Pakistan Mehsud tribal region on Thursday about 16 prisoners being released from government statements were contradictory. A spokesman for the Prime Minister said were involved in minor offenses who are released while the Interior Ministry said that a ‘non-military’ were Taliban.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said the British news agency Reuters reported, explaining that the government had denied reports of talks with the Taliban will come to the prime minister to increase the release of Taliban prisoners.┬áThe Prime Minister’s spokesman said only 16 people had been involved in minor crimes.

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