U.S. military base Fort Hood: U.S. soldier shot and killed four people, 16 injured

America’s Fort Hood military base in Texas: A U.S. soldier shot and killed four people and injured 16. The dead included the attacker has shot himself. Army officials said the attackers had been identified, but his family has not been notified yet.

General military spokesman told reporters Mark found no evidence that the attack had nothing to do with terrorism, it was not unlikely.

U.S. military base Fort Hood

U.S. President Barack Obama has expressed deep regrets over the incident.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama has said that he is humbled by the news. He fired vowed a full investigation into the incident. He said, ‘I want to assure you all that we will get to the bottom of this incident. According to Barack Obama at Fort Hood for the great sacrifices they have made freedom.

Remember in 2009 on the base Major Nidal Hasan shot and killed 13 people and left 32 injured. The situation was brought under control and is returning to normal.

An FBI officer told that FBI and local police to discuss the incident, but he was injured in the shooting did not provide further details about those. He said that we are reviewing the incident.

General MLI had said the attackers soldier were serving in Iraq and it was being reviewed or not they need psychiatric treatment. He said the attackers had suffered from depression.

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