We are Condemn the Sibi and Islamabad Blast Saying by TTP

TTP statmnt about Islamabad blast.b

TTP statement on Islamabad blast

Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan spokesperson Shahid Ullah shahid say about the Sibi and Islamabad blast that they are condemn the incident, both of these incidents which happened in Islamabad Vegetable market and Sibi railway station is the reason of killing innocent persons that’s why they condemn this incident.TTP statmnt about Islamabad blast
He said attack at open spots and pure persons were wretched and included focusing on guiltless persons was outlandish and “Haram” in Shriat. Such strikes are inexcusable and vile. TTP representative Shahid Ullah Shahid said that the concealed submits these ambushes couldn’t be Inacceptable. He said that the undetectable hands had been completing shell impacts in past for the sake of TTP.
TTP representative said that the oppressed individuals of Baluchistan and Sindh are our brothers and included focusing on blameless persons was baseless and “Haram” in Sharia.
He also said that they are totally implemented on ceasefire.
Remember that today’s Islamabad blast is the cause of death of at least 21 persons, and dozens of people are injured in this deadly blast.

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