A Christian couple was sentenced to death on charges of blasphemy

Toba Tek Singh in Punjab Province of Pakistan, a Christian couple was sentenced to death on charges of blasphemy. Shgofhta and shafqat amanul was blamed that they sent a text message based on blasphemy to the imam of the regional mosque

Attorny Sadaf Siddique had said that the local court judge Mian Amir Habib at Toba Tek Singh on Friday during the hearing in prison and ordered to dispatch them. Attorney said both suspects are employees of the House of Bishops of the region and has been fined Rs one lakh.

Maulvi Mohammad Hussain  Imam of  Mosque on July 21 last year, the couple had applied to the police in which he was accused of blasphemy.

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Although compassionate attorney, said in his final statement amynuyl admitted sending abusive messages, but his wife was innocent Shagufta was incorporated only in an investigation that was sent from the phone’s SIM Shagufta It was named after. Sadaf Siddique said he will appeal against this decision in the High Court and Shagufta Bibi receive justice because they are innocent.They also argued that compassion amynuyl more than a decade and mental disabilities should also be examined.

Additional Sessions Judge, defense attorney said last week he experienced early hearing of bail, the case was decided and then a week later was sentenced to death. According to Sadaf Siddique “We did not get a chance to thoroughly examine and we also had a transfer request because the trial judge had a problem that they were not impartial prosecution witness was the case. ‘

Blasphemy in Pakistan blasphemy law Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code commonly known that was implemented in 1986. The law on the use of human rights organizations have repeatedly expressed concern that this change has been the collapse of demand.They say that religious minorities in Pakistan belonging to individuals personally prkas being used to target them.

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