An Other Gaurd Of Honor For Musharaf (by shahzad arif)

chacha musharaf
General Musharf
General Musharf

General Musharraf ,Former president of Pakistan, has been granted bail by Islamabad District Court in the case of Lal Masjid’s teenage girls killing and Murder of cleric Abdul Rasheed Ghazi. He had to submit the bonds of 0.2 million rupee s only. After the prison of house arrest for six month, finally Musharraf has fulfilled his claim that he will not be punished in any case and according to his claim everything has taken place ,and in fourth and final case surity bonds have been submitted, Now Musharraf is no more a criminal in the eyes of Pakistani constitution because he used to breake that constitution. He has complete security arround his residential Villa in Islamabad,.He is not only provided bail but also has been given the right to apply to exclude his name from Exit Control List .

After clearing and passing all the hurdles whether Musharraf leave the country or remain in Pakistan with the protocal of former Military Cheif and Former President of Pakistan too. Although he has provided full security anticipating the threats for his life as Taliban can target him for incident of Lal Masjid in which the performance of military cheif is an open secret in the perspective of Phosphorus bombing even knowing this fact that many innocent children were there who would have changed into charcoal.

No One agrees with  the Musharf except some same statues of liberty with so called leberalism given by Garnal Musharaf during his rein when some vultures considered him there hero and renounced the conventions and culture even our religion was ridiculed. islamic personalities were called exterimist and culture lovers were named as conservative. This former miltary chief inspired all anti Islamic forces to work both for their aims and against islam and even against Pakistan.

It was musharaf who signed the secret pect regarding drone attacks in pakistan in which most of the victums were innocent civillians who were killed for nothing,who is the responsible for those innocent killings ?.

This man unleashed electronic media for what?

Electronic media with support of anti pakistan powers were allowed to mantain the set-up so that in future it would work to promote the anticultural activities and here we can see the all signs with deep effects ,what about news casters who allways put on artistic dresses?

what about morning shows who have successfully replaced religious programmes? what about the trailers and teasers for promoting indian movies in Pakistan ?

What about the role of electronic media who is promoting obscenity and giving it the name of ”Freedom of Expressions” ?

Innocent Musharraf sold Pakistanis for dollars, who were innocent but declared terrorists .we have prominent example of Dr Afia Siddiqui who were handed over to America inspite of not being trialed according to  pakistani costitution, even Musharraf has admitted in his book ” In The Line Of Fire” that he handed over many Pakistanis to America who were suspicious relating to the terrorist activities without completing investigation to have  proofs against them, Is This not a crime or sin? Amir Cheema also an example of that.

Musharraf killed Nawab Akbar Bugti with very personal interest by knowing this fact that he was the one distinguished personality in Balochistan and after his demise a hell of turmoil would have occured which could change into revolt against Pakistani Government , and now we all can watch the consequences after the murder of Bugti. Our Balochistan is burning , Many secret agencies , RAW, MOSAD, CIA, KHAD, MI6, MI9 are openly playing their roles to separate the Baluchistan like Bangladesh which was a part of Pakistan once, Even Some people show it separate from Pakistani map.This is Just because former military cheif General Pervaiz Musharraf

General musharaf imported prime minister , shaukat aziz , from America who was just a buziness man and had no skilland  as required for his post in pakistan . His complete edentity was kept in secret and his all record even school record was made immposible to approach by any one.this fact was prevent from exposing that shaukat aziz was qadyani who used to have lived at railway road kasur.his father’s name was malik abdul aziz , shaukat aziz was born from his first wife . shaukat aziz left pakistan 28 years ago since he became the prime miniser of pakistan.

musharaf supported qadyani groop through shaukat aziz but this fact was hidden from public that shaukat aziz was qadyani and had kith and kins in lahore,kasur e.s.p. why this fact was kept hidden from the public and pakistani media specially????

During the rein of general musharf two national leaders,Mr. Nawaz Sharif & Benazir Bhuto,were marooned so that muslim league(N)and pakistan peoples party could not take part in politics and show re-action for musharf’ palicies.This was the age of musharaf in which he was free to do any thing what he desired.musharaf introduced NRO so as to give clean chit to all black sheeps who took all wealth out of pakistan in swiss banks.was that NRO in the pakistan not paseed by musharaf?????

Now , we are suffering from all troubles which had been ereated by mr musharaf . though we could not relise in his age but have to face now with awful consequences.Musharaf was buzi to make a net of trouble like spider man when it was completed then musharaf said so-long pakistan and took a corner abroad so that he cloud watch his performance so he did.He came back pakistan when he was sure  super power,along whith circumstances were in his favaur. He just have shown to others by getting bail that there is no constitution in pakistan which can save the hopes of pakistani nation.

Silence of supereme court,PML(N) government , military, media, are showing that they can do nothing against formar chief musharaf, who has exposed laps and craps every where in pakistan . Again an other gaurd of honor awaits for him…………

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